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Anti-icing detection and protection solutions


De-icing and anti-icing protection solutions

De icing Anti icing systems

Anti-icing detection and protection solutions

Safran Aerosystems

For more than 30 years, Safran Aerosystems anti-icing detection and protection systems and equipment have offered a range of innovative and reliable solutions to make flights safer, to reduce fuel consumption and to lower pilot workload.

Anti-icing detection and protection solutions

Safran Aerosystems

Compliant with the most demanding certification standards to increase flight safety

Fuel savings and reduced pilot workload

Improvement of the service life of protection systems

A wide range of applications

Safran Aerosystems ice condition detection and protection systems equip many commercial, regional, business and military aircraft programs, as well as helicopters and drones. They are designed and produced in accordance with the following certification standards: EASA.21J.466 DOA (Design Organization Approval) covering de-icing system operations; CVE (Compliance Verification Engineer) covering the entire scope of de-icing systems (structure, associated software and hardware, electrical and electromagnetic interference tests, ice protection); EASA, FAA and TCCA STCs (Supplemental Type Certificates) for the pneumatic anti-icing systems of Bombardier Q100, 200 and 300 turboprop aircraft.

More than 44,000
aircraft equipped
Duct manufacturing workshop for pneumatic de-icer

Resistant, high-performance materials

Ongoing investment in research and development on elastomer materials and manufacturing processes has enabled Safran Aerosystems to make strategic improvements in terms of product reliability, de-icing performance and endurance, thereby reducing aircraft maintenance time. Safran Aerosystems teams are also working on the development of "all-electric" de-icing solutions for the future requirements of airlines.

Ice detection and protection systems

Support for certification and development

Safran Aerosystems provides its customers with support covering the design, qualification and certification of its equipment and systems.

Certificates and approvals

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