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Anti-icing detection and protection solutions


De-icing, anti-icing protection and ice detection systems

De icing Anti icing systems

Anti-icing detection and protection solutions

Safran Aerosystems

For more than 30 years, Safran Aerosystems anti-icing detection and protection systems and equipment have offered a range of innovative and reliable solutions to make flights safer, to reduce energy consumption and to lower pilot workload.

Anti-icing detection and protection solutions

Safran Aerosystems

Innovative solutions for next generation equipment

Cost savings through increased durability and energy efficiency

Compliance with the most stringent certification standards to improve flight safety

A wide range of applications

Icing is one of the most significant meteorological hazards in aviation. It can reduce aerodynamic performance, cause sensor malfunction and damage the engine.

To ensure your safety, Safran Aerosystems offers a wide range of pneumatic and electrical solutions to detect and protect against icing. We can also take over the complete management of the protection system for wings, blades and engine intake.

More than 44,000
aircraft equipped

Detection: our ice detector

Detecting icing conditions as soon as they occur is critical to activating and managing ice control systems. I-CAS, the ice sensor we offer, can be used as the primary means of automatically activating this system. It's optical detection method combined with electrothermal technology guarantees excellent performance. It complies with the latest regulations in force. Its performance has been demonstrated in wind tunnel icing tests and in flight tests on commercial and regional aircraft. 

A400M Atlas

Anti-icing: our electrical solution

Anti-icing is the prevention of ice formation. Our electro-thermal products can be installed on high-risk areas of the aircraft. They have a high performance outer layer. Our equipment is used on military aircraft, proving its reliability.


De-icing: our pneumatic solution

De-icing means removing frost after it has formed. Our pneumatic de-icers make this possible. Safran Aerosystems is a leader in the regional aircraft market. Its Boots offer excellent performance for de-icing your aircraft. Their durability, reliability and low power consumption are features appreciated by our customers. They can be mounted on wings or protect engine intakes.

Certificates and approvals

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