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HSTA - Horizontal stabilizer trim actuator

As a leader in horizontal stabilizer trim electromechanical actuation, Safran equips many civil and military programs. Our HSTA systems enable to keep the aircraft’s attitude stable, by minimizing aerodynamic forces and reducing drag.

High performance and reliability for a safer flight

Balance of aerodynamic forces for a stable flight attitude

Reduction of the pilot workload and fuel consumption to fly more efficiently

+ 150
million accumulated flight hours
THSA - Airbus A350

Keep the right attitude

During the all flight, the HSTA controls the pitch of the aircraft, while minimizing the pilot workload and fuel consumption, to fly more efficiently. According to the weight, pressures and center of gravity of the plane, the flight control computer sends order to the HSTA via its electronic control unit to adjust the angular positioning of the horizontal stab.

HSTA - keep the right attitude

Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Systems by Safran: keep the right attitude : 02 minutes and 13 seconds
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