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HEIM series: MDR and XMA Recorders and Data Acquisition Units


HEIM series: MDR and XMA Recorders and Data Acquisition Units

HEIM products display

HEIM series: MDR and XMA Recorders and Data Acquisition Units

Safran Data Systems

HEIM series provides through its families of data acquisition units (XMA) and recorders (MDR) a complete set of products for reliable, high-performance data acquisition and recording for flight tests on any type of platform (transport aircraft, fighter, helicopters, UAV, eVTOL).

HEIM series: MDR and XMA Recorders and Data Acquisition Units

Safran Data Systems

Can be installed anywhere on the platforms: non-pressurized area, cabin, landing gear, main or tail rotors

State-of-the-art acquisition & recording for analog (high accuracy), digital (high data rate) and video (H.265)

High reliability: high MTBF even when operating in very harsh environment

+ 50
years of experience providing data acquisition & recording equipment

HEIM: a great brand for great ambitions

Compact & remote data acquisition unit: XMA

XMA, a compact & remote data acquisition unit

With its small and highly ruggedized design, XMA is the best fit for remote data acquisition in harsh environments and small space areas. It is the perfect solution for network telemetry applications and remote acquisition, to reduce the wire intrusiveness and acquire the data closer to the sensors. XMA also allows data recording, data processing, GPS receiving and data transmission. XMA provides the most effective channel quantity per volume ratio and proposes optimized module sets for a large number of data type acquisitions, with state-of-the-art accuracy. A complete set of data, status and health information of the unit, is remotely available for live monitoring and accurate data qualification.

Versatile airborne data recording & dissemination system: MDR

MDR, a versatile airborne data recording & dissemination system

The MDR system allows collecting data in harsh airborne flight test environments. Thanks to its modularity and scalability, the system will adapt from the lightest to the most extensive daily test requirements in terms of variety of signals to be recorded, environmental constraints and recording time. The modular MDR design provides the flexibility for choosing cost-effective systems or high-end FTI systems with high-capacity storage media. Mainframes are available with 2, 4 or 8 slots for signal interface modules. In addition it provides advanced data processing (filtering, decimation...) and managing capabilities, including UDP and most advanced Chapter 7 version 2017 streaming techniques.

Ultra-fast on-board data recording & processing: MDR-GT

MDR-GT, an ultra-fast on-board data recording & processing

Ultra-high data rates (16Gbps) and storage capacities (10’s of TB) with advanced data processing allow for extensive data recording and management capabilities; MDR-GT leverages these advanced capabilities to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s applications. An extensive portfolio of acquisition modules is proposed thanks to the compatibility with all MDR acquisition modules. In addition, high-speed interfaces like 10GigE and Fibre Channel are supported. The highly flexible platform concept of the MDR-GT family is based on a common mainframe with many high-end built-in interfaces and functions.

Cabin & ground data acquisition unit: XMA-BOX

XMA-BOX, a cabin & ground data acquisition unit

XMA-BOX proposes high-performance XMA modules technology in a cost-effective 1U case. The XMA-BOX allows data acquisition of analog and digital signals, signal processing and streaming in various instrumentation data formats with AC power supply. Ideal for ground testing facilities, the XMA-BOX is also designed to cope with environmental conditions of small to large civil aircraft cabin. The XMA-BOX is the best fit for multiple data acquisition needs, as a single box or integrated in a larger FTI system all by ensuring state-of-the-art accuracy. Designed to operate seamlessly with existing flight test systems, the XMA-BOX is fully compatible with Safran Data Systems architecture.

Wireless modular acquisition system for rotor heads: XMA-ROTOR

XMA-ROTOR, a wireless modular acquisition system for rotor heads

XMA-ROTOR offers high performance XMA modules technology integrated in a mechanical housing dedicated to helicopter rotor instrumentation. The XMA-ROTOR replaces legacy slip ring technology offering a full wireless/contactless link between the rotor and the stator. Power is transferred via inductive coupling. Acquired data, health monitoring information, configuration data and synchronization signals are transferred over a bi-directional radio link. The XMA-ROTOR is scalable and can host from 2 to 16 XMA modules of various kinds: analog, digital, discrete, video… The XMA-ROTOR is designed to cope with environmental conditions of civil and military rotorcraft. Designed to operate seamlessly with existing flight test systems, the XMA-ROTOR is fully compatible with Safran Data Systems architecture.

Ground recorder: GMDR

GMDR, an acquisition, recording & replay system

Available in several versions, ground and airborne, the modular GMDR system is a versatile and future-proof solution for acquisition, recording, dissemination and replay of FTI data applications. With its high level of integration, wide range of supported video interfaces and full compatibility with global leading MDR products, the GMDR integrates seamlessly into existing customers' test center topologies. With its intelligent data reduction capabilities through segmentation, pre-selection and filtering, as well as the capability to freely disseminate subsets of data among several network destinations, GMDR efficiently reduces the operator’s workload when analyzing test results.

A responsive, international customer service

Safran Data Systems has a network of partners throughout the world. With a local presence, their teams are technically qualified and trained on our products. Thanks to their close collaboration with Safran Data Systems experts, customers can benefit from advice at any time. Safran Data Systems also offers training and technical support services.

Access to the tri-band source S/X/Ka of the ORION1300 antenna

Safran Data Systems, leader in instrumentation for testing, telemetry and communications for space

For over 65 years, Safran Data Systems has been providing high-technology equipment and solutions for testing, telemetry, mission data management and space communications. With a high-skilled international team, we contribute to the success of our customers by offering innovation, best performance, reliability and sustainability.

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