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Ground Checkout Systems – Automated Test Equipment for Launch Vehicles

Captronic Systems is very committed to the success of missions related to access to space through launch vehicle programs for Space Agencies like ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and NewSpace companies. For this, Safran Data Systems’ Indian Subsidiary provides a wide range of solutions to test launch vehicle components.

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September 28, 2012 – Ariane Flight VA209

Captronic Systems, a key test partner for the Cryogenic stage

The Cryogenic Upper Stage Control Electronics checkout system is used for the testing and validation of various CUSCE packages. The communication between checkout and control electronics package is using MIL-STD 1553 standards. The checkout acts as the Bus Controller and the CUSCE will be configured as a Remote Terminal. 

Various tests conducted include Protocol Tests, RT Response Tests, Error Injection Test, Load Test, RAM Check, Input Sensor Check, EGC Linearity Check, Drive MRC/AVR Actuator, Frequency Response Test, Step Response Test, Calibration of EGC pot, Calibration of RTD’s etc. 

Vulcain 2.1

Captronic Systems' Turbo Pump Test System

The Turbo Pump Data Acquisition & Control System is used for carrying performance tests of Seal and Bearing under cryogenic conditions. The test setup will help to analyze and study the Seal/Bearing. The test material will be placed in a test rig where the test fluid will be circulated.

During the test duration that lasts close to one hour, the test parameters are acquired and logged. The acquired parameters are including Temperature, Pressure, Flow and other Analog & Digital data. The test rig is driven by a motor whose speed is controlled by the system in an open/close loop mode. 

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Ground Checkout Systems for Launchers

Our Burn Rate Evaluation System for Propellants

Burn Rate Evaluation System performs Acoustic Emission Test and Ultrasonic Test. The Acoustic Emission Test is used to determine the burn time of a solid propellant strand of known length under a desired pressure in a combustion chamber. 

The system performs ultrasonic test to measure the instantaneous burning rate of the solid propellant and compare it with the known initial reading, this helps in early detection of any issues with the propellant used in the launch vehicle. This is carried out using the ultrasonic method which is part of the ultrasonic Pulse-Echo technique. 

April 26, 2015 – Ariane Flight VA222

Our Control Electronics Test System

It is a unique ATE which can do multiple tests like, testing of Servo cards used in Rocket Liquid engine Control Electronics (CE), Designer level testing of Integrated CE packages and Flight Acceptance Testing (FAT) of Rocket Liquid Engine Injection valves & Actuators. 

The Control Electronics checkout system consists of a PXI based controller with PXI Input – Output modules, Relay Matrix, Relay Multiplexers assembled on a PXI chassis, External Power Supplies, and other equipment like Digital Multimeter, DC source, etc. The PXI modules will communicate to the CEs & Actuators through checkout interface.

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Founded in 1999 by Mr. Vinod Mathews, this Indian company is a pioneer in the field of automated simulation and test equipment, specializing in design and development solutions. The teams here offer a range of sophisticated forms of custom automated test, control and acquisition systems for R&D, design validation and production testing.

Over 25 years and more than 1,500 projects, the company has built a reputation as one of the leading Solution Provider servicing needs of sectors ranging from Aeronautics, Defence, Automotive, Manufacturing and Space. It is a key sales, production and customer service centre in the Asia Pacific Region for many products and solutions from Safran Data Systems.

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Access to the tri-band source S/X/Ka of the ORION1300 antenna

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