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Fuel gauging systems

Safran Aerosystems fuel measurement solutions equip commercial, regional, business and military aircraft and helicopters. Innovative technologies such as LiSafe® improve accuracy and reduce weight and installation time.

aeronautical programs equipped
Fuel gauging system - Electromagnetic compatibility test

Unique integration and certification capabilities

Safran Aerosystems fuel measurement solutions benefit from simulation and testing tools used to optimize development and integration. Their performance and robustness are thus validated under the harshest environmental conditions that the aircraft may face.

Fuel gauging system - tests

Premium gauging systems

Thanks to LiSafe®, an innovative digital connectivity technology, Safran Aerosystems gauging systems provide extremely high accuracy by eliminating the parasitic effects introduced by electrical wiring. This technology also eliminates the risk of short circuits while providing significant weight savings. Finally, by improving fault tolerance, LiSafe® facilitates the installation and maintenance process. Safran Aerosystems also provides standard technology to address the requirements of small aircraft. This is designed based on the most optimized system architecture: centralized with a single core computer in pressurized areas or distributed with several data concentrators as close as possible to sensors.

Opticcal fiber Fuel gauging system

LiSafe®, an innovative technology based on fiber optics

Based on the use of fiber optics, the LiSafe® technology eliminates the need for copper wire harnesses and thus provides an unparalleled level of performance in terms of accuracy, safety, weight, ease of installation and maintenance. Safran Aerosystems has developed a full range of sensors based on the LiSafe® technology (fuel gauges, densitometers, CICs, level sensors, water detectors) to provide operators with the possibility of designing a full system adapted to each aircraft configuration. The LiSafe® technology will be certified on commercial aircraft in 2021.

The fuel tank ultimate safe connectivity sensing & system management Lisafe™

The  fuel tank ultimate safe connectivity sensing & system management Lisafe™ : 01 minute and 56 seconds
0.6 %

Maximum gauging accuracy (full level, all types of fuel, over the entire temperature range)

30 %

Maximum weight reduction through the LiSafe® technology compared to standard technology

More than 400

less CO2 per year on a twin-aisle aircraft

Fuel gauging System - densimeter

Biofuel-compatible systems

In order to prevent fuel measurement errors induced by fossil and biofuel blends, the fuel measurement system designed by Safran Aerosystems guarantees a highly accurate density measurement throughout the entire flight. Thanks to a patented technology, the Safran Aerosystems fuel measurement system can also compensate for non-homogeneous fuel b during refueling.

Fuel measurement system - Gauge

Multi-platform technologies

Safran Aerosystems' unrivaled experience in the fields of commercial, regional and business aviation enables it to provide high-performance fuel gauging systems tailored to each customer's requirements. The fuel measurement technology used by Safran Aerosystems is based on capacitive fuel probes coupled with temperature, density and dielectric sensors. Most Safran Aerosystems capacitive fuel probes are made of composite tubes, which facilitate their integration into the aircraft's composite structure.

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