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Flight test telemetry equipment and solutions


Cortex RTR, RSR, RX-1, BSS, GMDR, eZ Processing, TM Maestro - Flight test and telemetry equipment

Safran Data Systems has an extensive range of telemetry equipment dedicated to flight test: from receivers, RF and IF recorders, Best Source Selectors, PCM and data recorders to data analysis and display solutions.

Solution based on a complete range of antennas and equipment from a single manufacturer

Full coverage of all the needs: scalable, product range, functionalities, frequency bands…

Capability to have a complete turnkey solution (fixed, mobile and shipborne)

+ 2,000
equipment in operation around the world
Telemetry recorder: Cortex RTR

Cortex RTR, a telemetry receiver

Safran Data Systems’ Cortex RTR is a proven worldwide COTS telemetry receiver. The latest release strengthens its position as the most advanced digital telemetry receiver on the market, while keeping the well-recognized RF performance and signal processing capability. Based on Cortex architecture, the 4U chassis-based RTR can support up to four channels providing complete scalability and capability and addressing the needs of flight test centers (easy-to- use, intuitive GUI and embedded 8.4” screen). Not only does the Cortex RTR provide an extensive set of features for different frequency bands, modulations, decoders and output formats, but the user can easily upgrade the equipment in the field to access additional and new features.

Telemetry receiver : RX-1

RX-1, a compact telemetry receiver

Safran Data Systems RX-1 is the small-size dual channel telemetry receiver with pre-D combiner that covers all IRIG frequency bands and all IRIG-specified modulations. This COTS product is based on RTR technology and inherits its proven RF performance and signal processing capabilities. The RX-1 accommodates test ranges conditions and provides the most advanced features to maximize data availability. Despite its small size, a key benefit in mobile use cases, it can be controlled remotely with the same GUI as the Cortex RTR.

Telemetry receiver: BSS

Cortex BSS, Best Source Selector

Safran Data Systems Best Source Selector (BSS) is the dedicated tool to select the best among multiple telemetry signals received from multiple antennas tracking the same airframe, in real time. BSS performs the automatic selection of the best TM stream for up to 8 sources using signal quality criteria as well as other metrics. BSS extensive capabilities in path alignment & delay compensation make the best source selection possible whatever the antenna locations, and handle any range infrastructure.

Telemetry recorder: Cortex RSR

Cortex RSR, Radio Signal Recorder

Safran Data Systems’ RSR is a digital recorder enabling the capture and reproduction of the RF/IF analog signal received at the antenna before processing. It is a key element in a Telemetry Station to secure the highest availability of critical data, especially when recording is not possible on-board. Data captured during the flight can be analyzed offline, with the flexibility to adjust various settings in receiver, decommutator… to squeeze each and every bit out of the recorded signal, which is only possible when recording RF/IF. The Cortex RSR is a great tool for the validation of complete test range set-up prior to starting a flight test, while replaying the signals recorded from a previous flight, putting the range in the exact same real-world situation and ensuring that all equipment is set up properly.

Ground recorder: GMDR

GMDR, Ground Modular Data Recorder

The highly scalable and modular GMDR system is a versatile and future-proof solution for acquisition, recording, dissemination and replay of FTI data in ground station applications. With its high integration, broad range of modules fitting various needs and supporting a many video interfaces, the GMDR provides a solution for every baseband recording and replay requirement. The GMDR cartridge, fully compatible with the MDR’s one, allows the replay of the on-board recorded data on the ground station for further data extraction and analysis. The GMDR is also a key building block for data dissemination, including for the IRIG 106 Chapter 7 data demultiplexing.

Data display and processing software: eZ Processing / Advantys

eZ Processing/Advantys, data display and processing software

eZ Processing/Advantys is Safran Data Systems’ solution for telemetry data processing, analysis and display (real time or playback). It allows the capture of the data either from a PCM signal or directly through data sent on Ethernet (IRIG 106 Chapter 10) by the receiver. It performs the frame synchronization, Engineering Unit conversion, data display and storage, as well as data subset dissemination to dedicated analysis tools. It can accommodate multiple display stations, each having selectable parameters and displays. When used in a system with Safran Data Systems data acquisition units like the XMA or MDR, the software parameter database is automatically updated by eZ configuration software, reducing the set-up time and preventing all errors.

Monitoring & Control of telemetry infrastructure software: TM MAESTRO

TM Maestro, a control and monitoring software

TM MAESTRO offers a global & centralized Monitoring & Control of telemetry infrastructure. This software is designed to answer Telemetry operators’ critical requirements:
- Monitor & control any equipment with harmonized look & feel, from antennas to decommutators
- Centralized control of any local & remote TM assets from a single workstation
- Create & manage any TM configuration
- Simplify & automate TM infrastructure testing.

Based on a user configurable GUI, TM MAESTRO copes with different users’ profiles and phases of your missions (preparation, live flight test, playback, station maintenance). Scalable and evolutive, adding a new TM equipment can be easily managed by TM

TM Maestro software : control every asset of your range

TM MAESTRO software: control every asset of your range

A responsive, international customer service

Safran Data Systems has a network of worldwide partners. In-country teams are technically qualified and trained on our products. Thanks to close collaboration between these teams and Safran Data Systems experts, customers benefit from responsive technical recommendations. Safran Data Systems also offers training and technical support services

Access to the tri-band source S/X/Ka of the ORION1300 antenna

Safran Data Systems, leader in instrumentation for testing, telemetry and communications for space

For over 65 years, Safran Data Systems has been providing high-technology equipment and solutions for testing, telemetry, mission data management and space communications. With a high-skilled international team, we contribute to the success of our customers by offering innovation, best performance, reliability and sustainability.

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