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Flight Safety, a major driver for the performance of systems and products

Safran Engineering Services uses its knowledge of systems/products in order to evaluate, predict and control the mechanisms that lead to failures. It offers solutions to avoid or mitigate them, while respecting regulatory and customer requirements.

Ability to work from all sites on all customer issues.

Adaptability to customer processes and needs.

Experience with large aeronautical groups.

Years of experience in the field
Customers support and services NacelleLife

Safran Engineering Services supports its customers in Flight Safety with studies in :

  • Reliability: ability of a system/product to perform a required function under given conditions for a given time.
  • Availability: ability of a system/product to perform a required function at the time it is called upon, in a given timeframe, according to the results of reliability, maintainability and maintenance organization.
  • Maintainability: the ability of a system/product to be maintained or repaired, during a given timeframe, when operation and maintenance are carried out according to prescribed procedures and means.
  • Safety: ability of a system/product not to generate critical or catastrophic events during a given period of time.

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