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Flight Physics Services

To reduce aircraft development lead-time, Safran Engineering Services is specialized in quick design and engineering in full autonomy. Teams provide global loads for ground and flight maneuvers, follows the evolution of weight and center of gravity for aircraft components and support sales campaigns with weight & balance evaluation.

Extensive experience (More than 30 years)

A transnational footprint dispatched over 4 European countries + India, with flexibility across countries

 Strong and long-lasting customer satisfaction on all perimeters

Our expertise

Safran Engineering Services provides global loads for ground and flight maneuvers. The company also follows the evolution of weight and center of gravity for the different components of the aircraft throughout its development cycle and supports sales campaigns with weight and balance evaluation.

More than 20
Full-time equivalent people

Loads and Aeroelastics

Safran Engineering Services provides loads that the aircraft may encounter during its life in service, finites element model customization and aeroelastics calculations, Analyzes electrical flight control system impact on loads encountered during flight maneuvers and turbulence/gust standpoint and analyzes in-service events

Design office Engineer

Mass Properties

Safran Engineering Services checks the list of modifications, calculates and validates their weight impacts. The company also estimates aircraft weight according to a customized layout for all aircraft types, checks the loadability of the aircraft versus the center of gravity limits, supports evolutions of catalogue option weight and associated centers of gravity and creates the weighing check list for aircraft inventory and weighing report.

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