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FADEC 3 - 3rd generation Full Authority Digital Engine Control

The FADEC 3 engine control unit provides aircraft electronic engine protection and reduces the pilot's workload. It offers lower costs of ownership and facilitates maintenance management.

Extreme environment resistance (-55° to +95°, lightning and radar radiation, vibrations 40g)

Integrated onto a broad range of engines

+ 1 bn
accumulated flight hours by our FADEC range
Installation of electronic cards - FADEC

Control units for optimum engine performance

As the brain behind the engines, the FADEC monitors, protects and controls the aircraft propulsion system in real time. The FADEC 3 is on board many commercial aircraft such as the Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321 and A380, Boeing 737NG, 747-800, 767, 777 and 787 Dreamliner, as well as on military platforms such as the Airbus A400M.


Engine models equipped with FADEC 3

The FADEC 3 engine control unit is fitted to a number of short, medium and long-haul engines as well as the A400M military transporter:

- CFM56-5B de CFM International

- CFM56-7B de CFM International

- CF6-80C2L1F de General Electric

- CF6-80C2K1F de General Electric

- GE90-115B de General Electric

- GEnx-1B de General Electric

- GEnx-2B de General Electric

- GP7200 d’Engine Alliance

- TP400-D6 d’Europrop International.

Brazing of electronic card (LEAP)

A proven expertise

The world leader in full authority digital engine controls for civil aviation via FADEC International, a joint venture with BAE Systems, Safran Electronics & Defense relies on its 35+ years of expertise in design, production and support of FADEC systems. Our FADECs ensure a high level of safety and performance for optimum engine operations.

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