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External lighting - Optimal signalization and lighting

Whether in the air or on the ground, the aircraft external lighting plays a major role in ensuring flight safety as well as ground crew safety. With a 100% LED technology, Safran designs complete airplane and helicopter lighting systems combining robustness and longevity.

Longer life and reduced power consumption

More consistent lighting

High shock resistance

Projector assembly (Lighting workshop)

High-performance and cost-efficient external lighting systems

As an expert in LED technology, Safran provides complete lighting systems including all required functions: illumination of the runway & the taxiway used for takeoff, landing and taxiing, illumination of the aircraft and signalization (signal and anti-collision lights). These systems can also be used during inspection and maintenance, as well as emergency lighting.

LED Neopar, multi-beam lighting solution for taxi, take-off and landing phases

A full range of LED lighting for airplanes and helicopters

Safran offers a full range of LED lighting for airplanes and helicopters: logo lights, white navigation lights, green RH navigation light, red LH navigation light, wing scan & engine lights, take-off taxi RTO light, landing light, red and white beacon anti-collision lights, dual IR & visible search and landing light.

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