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EUROFLIR™ 410 – Airborne electro-optical system

The Euroflir™ 410 family allows fixed, rotary-wing aircraft & UAV to carry out, in any conditions, intelligence, protection, search and rescue missions thanks to long-range observation and accurate targeting and designation capabilities.

Integrates up to 10 latest-generation digital video & laser sensors providing unmatched capabilities

Available in 3 main versions, with different configuration choices, to address your specific requirements

ITAR-free & 100% in house technology, based on 35 years of experience

Up to 10
sensors in a single LRU
Euroflir 410 monté sur hélicoptère

Very-high-resolution multispectral cameras

Euroflir™ 410 operates in four spectral wavebands - TV, NIR, SWIR, MWIR – with a wide field-of-view and ultra-long-range observation, allowing it to function at standoff distance any time day or night. The Euroflir™ 410 is specially adapted to the wide variety of missions: supporting law enforcement, homeland security, border and coastal surveillance, intelligence, SAR and CSAR.

Euroflir 410 monté sur Patroller

Euroflir™ 410 : a modular system in 3 main versions

  • EuroflirTM 410 Surveillance:  eyesafe target range measurement and 3D location-determination.
  • EuroflirTM 410 Marking: target marking for either crew members or allied ground forces with night vision goggles.
  • EuroflirTM 410 Designation: accurate designation with suitable laser coding for laser-guided weapons.

Euroflir 410

Advanced embedded functions

  • Improved situational awareness: moving map & augmented reality (visualize the line-of-sight, define points of interest on a digital map, real-time video).
  • Automatic detection: Moving Target Indicators (MTI) & Hot Spot Detection (HSD).
  • Enhanced identification: Enhanced resolution & blending.

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