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eTRAS - Electrical Thrust Reverser Actuation System

eTRAS is an innovative electrical control system that optimizes thrust reverser efficiency. Its electric motors and actuators require less maintenance and eliminate any risk of corrosive hydraulic fluid leaks.

Reliability, performance and low weight

Operating and maintenance costs optimization

COMAC C919 O‐Duct Nacelle (Safran Nacelles)

Optimize your operating and maintenance costs thanks to the eTRAS system

In conjunction with Safran Nacelles and Nexcelle, Safran Electronics & Defense has developed the eTRAS, a lightweight, reliable and high-performing electrical control system for O-Duct thrust reversers. By reducing the landing distance from 25% to 50%, the thrust reverser shortens the time on the runway, reduces tire and brake wear and leads to fuel savings.

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