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eZ Software Suite - Flight Test Telemetry, Instrumentation, Monitoring, Data Processing


eZ Software Suite - Flight Test Telemetry with Instrumentation Configuration, Monitoring, and Data Processing

On-board instrumentation management & control software: eZ Operation

eZ Software Suite - Flight Test Telemetry, Instrumentation, Monitoring, Data Processing

Safran Data Systems

System configuration, management and integration are key tasks to ensure the success of flight testing as well as accurate telemetry. For this, Safran Data Systems offers a complete set of software and services to support and facilitate the work of instrumentation engineers.

eZ Software Suite - Flight Test Telemetry, Instrumentation, Monitoring, Data Processing

Safran Data Systems

Simple and quick configuration of the instrumentation thanks to a high level of automation

Immediate access to already formatted data for analysis thanks to a fully integrated software chain

Benefit from the support of experts for the implementation of equipment up to the complete solution

Equipment and solutions for flight test systems

A comprehensive flight test system solution

Safran Data Systems can provide, from equipment to complete solution, flight test systems with integration and validation of the operational system in real conditions. The system can be scalable for sensors, data acquisition units (DAU), recorders, telemetry downlink, ground receiving chain, as well as cabling, technical assistance... The choices are aimed at reducing the workload of the instrumentation engineers in order to fulfil the needs of development and verification / validation teams. Every proposed solution allows a quick and easy system reconfiguration for the user. This is essential that during test campaigns you can adapt to urgent and various requirements of the technical teams.

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DAU delivered and in operation
Test instrumentation configuration software: eZ SetUp

eZ SetUp, a test instrumentation configuration software

The eZ SetUp software allows to configure from a single acquisition unit to a complete acquisition system within a network architecture:

- Definition of individual equipment (acquisition unit, recorders, switches, workstations, cameras) compatible with: XMA, MDR, MDR-GT, GMDR, μMA and μDR

- Definition of network connections

- Data acquisition (sensors and digital bus) defined at high and low level, with import function

- Manual or automatic generation of output streams: PCM IRIG-106 Ch4, IRIG-106 Ch10, IRIG-106 Ch7, IENA or DAR

- Setting up the complete system

- Real-time control of the health of each component of the solution down to measurement channel status

- Real-time overview of acquired data (quicklook)

- Recording of raw data

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Data display and processing software: eZ Processing / Advantys

eZ Processing / Advantys, a data display and processing software

eZ Processing / Advantys offers advanced functions for data display and processing:

- Real-time visualization of raw or processed parameters, on board or on the ground, in a user configurable graphical format

- Data replay with customized visualizations - Extraction of parameters in real time (or from a records) and conversion into physical values with (or without) the application of a calibration function

- Generation of processed parameters by creating user functions in C language

- Generation of configurable user alarms on parameter value limits

- Recording of raw or processed data for further replay

- Automatic import of conversion tables by eZ SetUp software, the user can then focus on data analysis without risk of error

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On-board instrumentation management & control software: eZ Operation

eZ Operation, an on-board instrumentation management & control software

The eZ Operation software is an advanced tool for centralized supervision and control of complex test systems from an onboard operator station:

- Optimized set up of complex networks, acquisition units, recorders and switches

- Real-time supervision through a synoptic view of the system: supervision of each acquisition unit, recorder, switch, as well as through the network

- Main system commands on the same screen

- Synthesis of supervision data: generation of report files including the alarms and events reported, as well as the status of each equipment

- Real-time preview of the complete list of acquisitions (analog and digital)

- Centralized system monitoring

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Testing the embedeed control software of a ComTrack telemetry antenna

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