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Avionics Bus Tester - comprehensive solution to monitor, simulate and evaluate the communication bus performance

Captronic Systems Avionics Bus Tester

Avionics Bus Tester

Safran Data Systems

Configuration of remote terminal Up to 32

Monitoring of RT & BC Up to 32

Error injection including MBZC shifting Error Insertion

Report generation Binary, ASCII & Excel

Key features of bus evaluator Monitor & simulate

Communication in an aircraft with multiple LRUs has become very challenging for scientists and engineers to design, test & troubleshoot communication protocols. Bus Tester enables user to record, replay, examine, and simulate avionics bus data.

Avionics Bus Tester

Safran Data Systems

Configuration of remote terminal Up to 32

Monitoring of RT & BC Up to 32

Error injection including MBZC shifting Error Insertion

Report generation Binary, ASCII & Excel

Key features of bus evaluator Monitor & simulate

Avionics Bus Tester captures & records error statistics

On fly Simulation of Remote Terminals & Bus Controller simulation

Engineering Unit displays data in Graphical and Tabular format

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Captronic Systems Configuration Panel

Configuration Panel Attributes

The configuration interface panel of 1553B MIL Avionics Bus Tester provides a comprehensive set of configurations for the buses, For the Remote Terminals (RT), each RT has a version-controlled configuration, and they are individually configured on the bus.

A summarized view of the messages configured for each RT is available, with parameter configurations for signal types such as BCD, UNS Numeric, SIGN Numeric, Discrete, Coded, ASCII, 2's complement, and Unused, ensuring diverse data handling capabilities. Additionally, Mux based message configuration is established.    

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Captronic Systems Bus Monitor Panel

Bus Monitor Panel Attributes

The Avionics bus module of the 1553B data bus tester provides facilitates such as comprehensive traffic monitoring of the 1553B bus. It allows simultaneous viewing of 38 messages, each containing 32 words, with color-coded indications for transfer types, enhancing data visualization. The monitor offers flexible filtering options, enabling users to view data based on Bus, Remote Terminal (RT), Source Address (SA), Transmission/Reception, Frequency, and Channel criteria.

Moreover, users can compare data from ten messages across the bus, and graphical representations enable real-time observation of individual word data. The Bus Load and RT load monitoring features provide insights into the overall bus performance and individual RT activities, facilitating efficient bus management and troubleshooting.

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Product highlights

Avionics Bus Tester uses COTS hardware with a state-of-the-art software which can connect with data directly from multiple buses. This sophisticated product includes strong tools and features for creating, testing, debugging, and maintaining avionics systems and subsystems.

The MIL-STD-1553B bus tester simulates, analyses, and monitors the bus traffic, decodes the data and displays it using a comprehensive graphical interface, which eases the analysis and development of the bus. User can enable generation or monitoring of live MIL-STD-1553B data.

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