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D19-GT/-GTS Download Station, a fast and secure system for data download and distribution

The D19-GT/-GTS Download Station, produced by Safran Data Systems, allows secure and fast data download from MDR or MDR-GT Storage Modules. Data can be quickly downloaded via 40 Gbit Ethernet.

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To ensure the best security for the Flight Test Instrumentation data, the MDR-GTS/D19-GTS system offers a data at rest protection feature. With this secure feature, the D19-GTS can access the encrypted Flight Test Instrumentation data in a protected MDR-GTS storage canister. Therefore, Flight Test Instrumentation data can be securely transferred to another network. The D19-GTS can also be used for firmware updates for the MDR-GTS via the RSOD (Removable Secure Operational Disk). Through this feature, the highest security standard for the MDR-GTS can be ensured. The D19-GT/-GTS features a comfortable WebUI for setup and configuration. Different user accounts with specific access rights can be defined separately. The secure operating system used is Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

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The D19-GT/-GTS Download Station, a key asset to MDR or MDR-GT/-GTS

The D19-GT/-GTS Download Station allows secure and fast data download from MDR or MDR-GT/-GTS storage media and especially addresses flight testing applications with very high requirements in terms of data rates and storage capacities. Paired with MDR-GTS, the D19-GTS offers advanced cybersecurity features such as Data-At-Rest protection and firmware updates as well as configuration changes via a Removable Secure Operational Disk (RSOD). With the above features, the D19-GT/-GTS can cover a large variety of use cases, including for example flight tests for New Mobility solutions, where large amounts of video data have to be recorded and downloaded, or in the defense sector, where cybersecurity is key.

The D19-GT/-GTS can also be used to download mission data, for example in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

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A responsive and international customer service

Safran Data Systems has a network of partners throughout the world. With a local presence, their teams are technically qualified and trained on our products. Thanks to their close collaboration with Safran Data Systems experts, customers can benefit from advice at any time. Safran Data Systems also offers training and technical support services. Read our brochure to learn more about this opportunity.

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An international maintenance network

Support of Safran Data Systems’ customer is paramount. Acquisition of our hardware is always accompanied by specialists of the field to best tailor the proposed solution to the customer’s need.

A broad family of solutions of services is offered in order to make the operation of the product seamless and effective in order to deliver the maximum benefit to operators and final users. Training is proposed for the technical team, before delivery and after delivery. When the hardware is operated, our specialists are available, on-site, for local support in order to ensure the success of critical phases of any endeavor.




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