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Safran Power Units Customer Support

At Safran Power Units, our priority is to satisfy our civil and military OEM and operator customers through reliable products and appropriate services.
The Customer Support organization at Safran Power Units guarantees the coordination of technical support operations and commercial activities with customers.
All commercial contracts, replacement equipment or repair agreements on sales, and the various service needs are managed by the Safran Power Units Sales Services Operators team.

Customer Support


To contact the Sales teamclick here!

Technical assistance, technical documentation, Integrated Logistics Support and training are managed by the Safran Power Units Customer Technical Support team.

To contact the Customer Technical Support teamclick here!

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All geographic areas: +1 844-778-2497 as +1 844-SPU-24X7

Technical support

​​​​​​​Technical Support

Technical Support team offers ongoing customer support, anchored in responsiveness and customer care. It provides a contact point for customers around the world. It deploys powerful processes and skilled staff to keep our customers' equipment up and running.

Event reports are formal statements of operational events concerning civil equipment.

Safran Power Units runs an operational event handling procedure for in-service civil equipment in accordance with the requirements of its DOA.

The general information letter below requires that Operators report all operational events in connection with our equipment. Also below is the event report form that Safran Power Units asks all users to complete to send such information to its Customer Support department.



After-Sales Service

To ensure the best service to its customers, Safran Power Units offers a wide range of after-sales services:

Spare part and complete units

An extensive stock of spare parts and LRU is available to ensure maintenance and repair of the products.

Critical requests and expedite requests

The teams are organized to process requests provision of spare parts under contract short time.

Repair network

Repair network

Safran Power Units offers solutions tailored to each customer, from simple equipment repair overhaul, standard exchange, equipement loans and rentals or Support-By-The-Hour contracts.

Its network of service and repair centers has been developed around the world to meet the needs of our customers.

These centers have the quality approvals, the expertise, the industrial tools necessary to support the return of equipment in service at the earliest opportunity.


Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

The Integrated Logistics Support team (ILS) is present from the initial development phase until the end of service delivery. Its mission is structured around three axes:

  • Implementation of the Support System: the ILS team ensures the implementation of the support system for the new programs and maintaining it in operational condition, in line with the main system as required by our customers.
  • Maintenability and repairability: it shares its experience of operating systems with the design team. It defines basic choices that will lead to maintenance strategies, ensuring the best operational availability with controlled costs and ensures that maintenability and repairability aspects are taken into account in development phase.
  • In-Service experience sharing: it operates with fleet datas and returns repair stations to monitor the reliabilities and maintenance costs. This feedback with the design offices is structuring for new developments.

Technical Publications

Technical Publications

The technical documentation team elaborates the documentation required for equipments maintenance for customers and MRO centers. 

Our technical documents are drafted according to norms used in aeronautical and military fields.



To ensure an optimal use of its products, Safran Power Units also offers maintenance training sessions for all Safran Power Units products.

These theorical and practical training are customizable to meet customer needs. They can be provided at the customer site or in Safran Power Units specific and tailored premises in Toulouse (France).



Training Center - Optimize the operation of your APUs

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