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Composite Structures

As an established supplier of engine nacelle cascades and fuselage structural composites, Safran Cabin provides mission-critical composite structures in a wide array of geometries for both commercial and military platforms.

Multiple large autoclaves

Non-destructive test and inspection in-house

Ability to apply complex layup details

Certification and Approvals

Safran Cabin produces structures for the following programs:  Boeing 787 Structures, 787 Fuselage Frame & Shear Ties, 737 Hubcaps, Airbus A320Neo Cascades, Boeing V22 Composite Ramp & Door, F-35 Weapons Bay Doors Inserts. Safran Cabin has the capability for high precision, mission critical composite structures, including complex layup details. Our facility has multiple large-scale autoclaves as well as non-destructive test equipment. 

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