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CMA – Missiles, Launchers & Sounding Rockets Data Acquisition - COTS, Compact, Modular and Highly Ruggedized Solution

CMA Module

CMA – Data Acquisition Unit

Safran Data Systems

Analog accuracy < 0,1%

Vibration 30g

Acceleration > 100g

Temperature range -40°C/+85°C

Acquire high quality data and accurate measurements for the Telemetry of Missiles, Launchers & Sounding Rockets with COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) solutions from Safran Data Systems .

CMA – Data Acquisition Unit

Safran Data Systems

Analog accuracy < 0,1%

Vibration 30g

Acceleration > 100g

Temperature range -40°C/+85°C

Compact form factor: 2x3" (51x76mm) footprint

Best data quality in Harsh Environment: 1000ppm analog accuracy under extreme temperature, load, vibration and shocks.

Scalable solution: CMA can be daisy-chain and/or fully integrated in network

Our Support Engineers will support you in building an efficient solution for your program

A flight-proven solution
+ 1 000
CMA encoders manufactured
CMA Module

CMA, an ultra compact data acquisition unit

CMA Data Aquisition Unit is a flight proven solution, used in various missiles programs in Europe, who benefited from the advanced COTS capabilities of the product to:

  • Get accurate measurements and high quality data thanks to high end acquisition modules compatible with all available types of sensors (from ICP, Piezo accelerometers, strain gages, pressure transducers or RTD and Thermocouples), to any type of on-board digital bus.
  • Transmit data efficiently to the ground using a Telemetry output with standard IRIG-106 format or advance Ethernet Gateway capability of the IRIG-106 Chapter 7. Any on-board equipment with Ethernet output such as IP Cameras will be seen on the ground just as if the operator station was connected to it.
  • Locate and synchronize with the GNSS module
  • Record data on a protected memory if the payload can be recovered for access to high bandwidth measurement without loss
  • Process data on-board and send commands to on-board equipment with the OBP module allowing to load user defined processes written in C language.

For larger systems, the CMA units can be integrated in a Network System where all functions are shared among the units.

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XMA, a compact & remote data acquisition unit

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Get more detailed information from the CMA Datasheet.

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Access to the tri-band source S/X/Ka of the ORION1300 antenna

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