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Channel Emulator Series – Emulating real-world RF environment inside testing lab

Captronic Systems CE product

Channel Emulator Series

Safran Data Systems

Bandwidth From 25 MHz to 80 MHz

Number of Channel Up to 16 (Selectable)

Signal Type RF, IF, BB, IQ options

Number of Channel Impairments 50+ (Selectable)

Frequency Range Up to 6 GHz

This Product Series consists of the Satellite Link Emulator, the Troposcatter Simulator, the Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) Generator, Very low frequency (VLF) Noise Generator and the Aeronautical Telemetry Channel Emulator (ATCE). These devices allow to isolate and identify performance issues of RF communication devices and systems.

Channel Emulator Series

Safran Data Systems

Bandwidth From 25 MHz to 80 MHz

Number of Channel Up to 16 (Selectable)

Signal Type RF, IF, BB, IQ options

Number of Channel Impairments 50+ (Selectable)

Frequency Range Up to 6 GHz

Wide range of simulations as Multipath Fading, Environmental Fading, Noise Models, many more…

End to End Scenario Simulation for comprehensive testing

Customizable based on type of application and requirement

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Captronic Systems CE troposcatter

The Troposcatter Channel Emulator

Tropo-scatter Channel Emulator is based on COTS products serving validation of non-line-of-sight (NLOS) devices and has ability to simulate many Channel parameters with sophisticated algorithms and software. It acquires an IF/RF signal and generates four IF/RF outputs. All the four outputs are independent and non-coherent in nature. The effects of Tropo-scatter are being emulated on each output independently. It is configured in a 1:4 MIMO configuration. The system has 16 taps per channel making it 64taps for 4 channels.

It allows to emulate AWGN, Multipath, Attenuation, Delay, Phase Shift, Digital Impairment and Multitone Interference.

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Captronic Systems CE product

Satellite Link Emulator

Satellite Link Emulator helps in dynamic testing of Tx- Rx Links by emulating various realistic and accurate channel models in satellite communication with easy to operate and user friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface). Software allows configuring the system to simulate LEO, MEO and GEO satellites orbits, perform real-time satellite tracking, orbit prediction and Orbital Parameters such as Position, Slant Range, Elevation angle etc.

It can emulate satellite specific impairments like Phase Noise: LO instability, Noise density, Offset frequency and non-linearity: Amplifier Saturation level, AM/AM Characteristic, AM/PM Characteristic also, AGWN, Multipath, Attenuation, Delay, Phase Shift, Digital Impairment, and Multitone Interference.

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Captronic Systems CE AWGN

Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) Generator

As its name may indicate, the AWGN Generator allows to emulate what is called "Additive white Gaussian noise”. It is a basic noise model used in information theory to mimic the effect of many random processes that occur in nature. This emulator has frequency range of 10 MHz to 3 GHz, with multipath up to 16 taps, with the noise density equals to ≥-85 dBm/Hz.  The equipment comes with an easy to carry portable form factor.

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Captronic Systems FRA Signal Analysis

VLF Noise Generator

The Very Low Frequency Noise Generator has Its Frequency Range from 3KHz to 30 KHz, wavelength of 10km-100km. Furthermore, the Bandwidth is 50 KHz. It can emulate the Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) and Impulse Noise… It can be used for testing VLF Transmitters and Receivers, Compression Techniques, Encoding and Decoding Schemes, generation of atmospheric radio, simulates communication link and Test Reliability of Transmitted Data.

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Captronic Systems TCE solutions

ATCE - Aeronautical Telemetry Channel Emulator, A complete test solution for telemetry systems

While designing, developing, or validating a ground telemetry system which communicates with any flight vehicle like, missile, aircraft, or satellite. It is important to test and fine tune its performance before putting it in real world application. This can be achieved with Aeronautic Telemetry Channel Emulator. Its state-of-the-art architecture along with AGI-STK user interface makes it a unique product in field of Radio Frequency Simulation and Testing.

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