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CFM56 engines for single-aisle commercial jets


CFM56 - The best-selling engine in commercial aviation history

CFM56 7B

CFM56 engines for single-aisle commercial jets

Safran Aircraft Engines

Designed, developed and produced by CFM International, the CFM56 engine powers single-aisle commercial jetliners from Airbus (A320 family) and Boeing (737 family), as well as various military aircraft.

CFM56 engines for single-aisle commercial jets

Safran Aircraft Engines

A family of engines that has addressed evolving market demand for more than 40 years.

Dispatch reliability nearly 100% and unrivaled time on wing.

Reduced operating and maintenance costs, thanks to robust design.

Airbus A320

The world's best selling engine in aviation history

With more than 33,000 delivered to date, CFM56® engines mainly power single-aisle commercial jets from Airbus and Boeing. The CFM56®, developing 18,500 to 33,000 lb of thrust, set a standard in this market. It owes its impressive success to exceptional performance and reliability, the result of the two partners' technical excellence. The CFM56® offers dispatch reliability approaching 100%, along with unrivaled time "on-wing" (without removal for servicing) – advantages that help significantly reduce operating costs. To ensure top dispatch reliability for all customers, CFM continues to produce a volume of spare engines and parts.

The reliability and endurance of the CFM56® are just as appreciated in military applications. For example, the U.S. Air Force is CFM's leading customer, deploying more than 2,500 CFM56 engines. The British and French air forces also operate a number of CFM-powered aircraft. In particular, these engines power the KC-135 and C-135FR tankers, the E-3 and E-6 AWACS and early warning aircraft, the Boeing 737 AEW&C, C-40 transports and the P8-A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.

Livraison du 5000 ème CFM56-7 - Villaroche, janvier 2008

A strategic alliance

The CFM56 engine is the result of a 50/50 partnership between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE Aviation called CFM International. The two companies are equal partners in the design, development and production of the engine. Final assembly, sales and services are performed by each partner using its own resources. Signed in 1974, the CFM International partnership agreement was renewed in 2008 and extended through 2040; it now includes services.

Customer Support Center - Montereau

A complete array of services

Over 28,000 CFM56 engines are currently in service with commercial and military operators around the world. They benefit from global support and a complete array of services spanning the entire engine lifecycle: on-wing and shop maintenance, parts, repairs, asset management and more.

Key figures
600 +
CFM56 operators worldwide
1 +
33,000 +
engines delivered to date – a world record
The CFM56 success story

Since the first engine entered service in 1982, the CFM56 family has continued to evolve to meet operator requirements and deliver improved performance.

Assembly - CFM56-7B engine

A complete range of engines

With the founding of CFM International*, its first product was the CFM56-2 version of this engine, still in service on KC-135 military surveillance aircraft. It was followed by the CFM56-3, designed for the Boeing 737. Certified in 1987, the CFM56-5 was available in three versions. The -5A was the first to feature a digital engine control system. The -5B powers the A320 family of aircraft. The latest version of this engine features reduced fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs. The -5C is the most powerful in the series and powers the A340 widebody commercial jet. Since 1997, the CFM56-7 has powered the Boeing 737NG (Next Generation) and various military aircraft. It features a number of innovations, including a larger-diameter fan, wide-chord fan blades and new low- and high-pressure components.

*50/50 joint company between Safran Aircraft Engines and GE.

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