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Boeing 787 Dreamliner electric brake


Boeing 787 Dreamliner electric brake

The electric brakes produced by Safran Landing Systems equip the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This is the first commercial aircraft equipped with this technology, which facilitates brake installation and maintenance.

Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions due to optimized weight

“Plug and Play” system for easier installation and maintenance

High degree of commonality between 787-8 and 787-9 brakes

Boeing 787 electric brake

The electric brake, a new generation technology

The electric brake designed by Safran Landing Systems integrates smart features to facilitate airline operations: real-time assessment of carbon disk wear, data transmission to the cockpit, etc. It has a specific anti-oxidation coating that extends its service life and offers better protection against de-icing products. Finally, its composition and manufacturing process are more environment-friendly (100% cadmium, chromium, beryllium and asbestos-free system, production process free of solvents, chlorofluorocarbons and halon at any stage in the manufacturing process, including at suppliers).

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