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METIS™ Avionics Suite for drones

Multi-mission and multi-platform, METIS™ is a safe onboard avionics suite for certified drones. Designed to be certifiable, it is answering your operational needs by providing an innovative technology through a complete integrated ecosystem for greater performances.

Optimized SWaP 

Certified up to SAIL 6


METIS™ Avionics Suite is composed of

Flight Management and Autopilot Computer for the METIS Avionics Suite for certified drones.

FMAP Computer

With Safran Electronics & Defense’s expertise, our FMAP will be easy to integrate into an already existing ecosystem. With its triplex architecture, the Flight Management and Autopilot computer provides higher level of safety with independent channels. Our FMAP provides guiding and piloting solutions. It also hosts an on-board decision-making solution for increased safety, with active monitoring and failures mitigation capabilities.

Sensors for air data for the METIS Avionics Suite for certified drones

Sensors Modules

Host static, total pressure, temperature and 3D magnetic sensors and communicate with the FMAP. Our sensors are easy to integrate in the airframe without any pressure tube to connect to the autopilot. It facilitates aircraft integration as it eliminates pneumatic pipes, issues of Pitot calibration, leaks and airframe complexity.

Communication & Cybersecurity board for the METIS Avionics Suite for certified drones.

Communication & Cybersecurity (MIGI)

The on-board communication components allow secured and redundant communications between the Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and Control Station. MIGI hosts two internal wireless cellular links, a MAVLink protocol for interoperability with control station. It offers two levels of cybersecurity thanks to segregated SAL2 and SAL3 levels. MIGI board also operable in the ground station to support the same reciprocal functions as in the on-board METISTM avionics suite.

Detect & Avoid and Autonomy Module for the METIS Avionics Suite for certified drones.

Detect & Avoid and Autonomy Module

With Safran Eletronics & Defense’s knowledge of optronics technologies and expertise of detection, tracking and navigation, our DAA and autonomy module hosts collision avoidance capability and vision based navigation function for GNSS denied operations. Our embedded DAA functions are compatible with EASA ARC B and ARC C residual air risk levels, and provides warning alert and guidance toward cooperative and non-cooperative manned traffic. It is built to be compatible with U-Space services and act as last tactical air risk mitigation.

Actuator interface for the METIS Avionics Suite for certified drones

Remote Data Concentrator (RDC)

Adaptable interface for the aircraft system, our RDC offers flexibility and modularity to address multiple avionics applications actuation configuration and additional I/O. It provides monitoring to off the shelves actuators or motors, upgrading overall safety level. The equipment provides also aircraft systems interfaces management and conversion.

Integration and Simulation environments:

Dedicated to safety, Safran Electronics & Defense’s METIS Suite is supported by a simulation and testing environment, to ensure the adaptability and safety to each platform.Our expertise can guide you through the different steps of configuration, verification & validation. The simulation framework provides the integrator with Iron Bird like simulations for the integration systems.

Avionics Suite METIS™ integrated on a hybrid drone

Real time Operating System

The software integration in the FMAP is based on the capacities offered by ASTERIOS™ package, which has been preferred by Safran E&D to other real-time operating system. Dedicated to time and safety-critical application in various industry, ASTERIOS™ offers to the designer a top-down advanced approach combining Model-Based Design and RTOS services.

Design process

The METIS avionics suite is developed according to the ARP 4754 top down waterfall process with rigorous system engineering process in order to manage requirements, justify the design, and support integration & verification activities. Links are created between the architecture, the functional allocation tool and our simulation environment.

METIS™: avionics suite for certified UAVs

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