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AFCS - Automatic Flight Control Systems for helicopters

From autopilot to electromechanical actuators and inertial sensors, Safran Electronics & Defense's Automatic Flight Control Systems (AFCS) improve the performance and maneuverability of your helicopters.

Pilot’s workload reduction

 Flight safety improvement

Tailored for any type of helicopters, civil or military

More than 100,000,000
flight hours managed by autopilots

Improve the performance of your helicopters

Autopilot, multifunction avionics platform, electromechanical actuation systems and inertial navigation, Safran Electronics & Defense enhance your helicopters.


From autopilot to ultra-compact multifunction avionics platform

Capitalizing on its expertise in APM autopilots and fly-by-wire flight control computers, Safran has designed an innovative multifunction avionics computer. Scalable and modular, UCAP concentrates many avionics functions in an ultra compact package: autopilot, Vehicle Management System (VMS), AHRS, advanced maintenance functions (health monitoring, usage & maintenance monitoring), sense & avoid...

SEMA (Smart Electro Mechanical Actuator)

Proven electromechanical actuation systems

Trim actuators, or parallel actuators, artificially reproduce the piloting forces for helicopters. They provide load compensation functions, offer precise force feedback and can be controlled in autopilot mode.

Compact and lightweight, SEMA series linear actuators allow very fast movements of low amplitude of the flight controls, thus improving helicopter stability.


Skynaute (Safran Electronics & Defense)

Safe navigation

Safran Electronics & Defense integrates inertial sensors, APIRS heading and attitude unit or SkyNaute GNSS hybrid navigation unit to guarantee a high level of precision and reliability for optimal flight control in complete safety.


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