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Aerial refueling systems and equipment

Covering a wide range of systems and equipment (NARANG, N220B, IN 234000, MA3-MA2-MA4 probes and couplings), Safran Aerosystems aerial refueling solutions are fitted on many fighter and military transport aircraft worldwide.

Integrated diagnostics requiring very little scheduled maintenance

Adaptability to many platforms

Critical components designed in-house, ITAR-free equipment (production and repair in France)


countries have chosen Safran Aerosystems aerial refueling solutions


aircraft programs equipped


years of experience in aerial refuelling systems

N220B refueling pod

Developed and certified by Safran Aerosystems, the N220B aerial refueling pod provides Rafale fighter aircraft with an aerial refueling capacity that meets the highest performance standards. Lightweight (312 kg unladen), it can withstand the high mechanical stresses associated with use on aircraft carriers and a high electromagnetic environment. The N220B aerial refueling system is equipped with a new electronic system to monitor and control the pod (more than 15 sensors and 1 computer). It also incorporates software developed by Safran Aerosystems to improve the availability of the N220B pod.

MA-2/3/4 couplings

The result of in-depth expertise in all technologies involved in fuel transfer between two aircraft (fuel distribution, fuel management and reception coupling), the complete range of couplings developed by Safran Aerosystems (MA-2, MA-3, MA-4 standards) fully meets the requirements and constraints of customer countries. Designed and produced in France, the components of the reception couplings are not subject to the requirements of ITAR regulations.

Ram-air turbine

The ram-air turbine for aerial refueling pods designed by Safran Aerosystems drives the hydraulic system that powers the hose-reel and the refueling pump. It has demonstrated its high-level performance in terms of increased flow rate and low-speed refueling, as well as its reliability. Ram-air turbine speed stabilization is carried out mechanically, which ensures an extremely low cost of ownership.

A complete range of refueling pumps

The refueling pumps designed by Safran Aerosystems are used to pressurize the fuel fluid through mechanical power to deliver it to the aircraft being refueled. They include a re-priming function that is essential in the event of a drop in level causing the tank to dry out.
The Safran Aerosystems range of refueling pumps includes five models that provide a fuel flow rate range of 210 GPM to 350 GPM, covering all the requirements of customer countries and the constraints of their missions.

Stabilization parachutes for refueling

Refueling stabilization parachutes are part of the complete range of refueling equipment developed by Safran Aerosystems. The family of stabilizers designed by Safran Aerosystems is suitable for the refueling of fighter or transport aircraft. The refueling drogue is attached to the reception coupling at the aft end of the flexible hose in order to stabilize it in the air stream. The reception coupling and drogue assembly constitutes a "target" for the receiver aircraft to plug in and be refueled.

Refueling connectors

Safran Aerosystems aerial refueling connectors provide various flow rates and can be installed on airplanes or helicopters. The refueling connector is fitted on the aircraft to be refueled at the end of rod. During the refueling operation, the end-fitting penetrates the refueled coupler, causing the connector and the coupling to open simultaneously, thereby ensuring the fuel transfer. Safran Aerosystems in-flight refueling connectors comply with the MIL-N-25161C/STANAG 3447 standard and are compatible with MA-2/3/4 refueling parachute.

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