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Metal and polymer 3D additive manufacturing

Safran Engineering Services offers additive manufacturing solutions for aeronautical part design and production. The company also provides adapted skills in 3D printing to help its customers improve their products, performance or services.

Part weight saving

Reduction of the number of parts following the additive manufacturing process

Speed-up product development cycle

25 %
of mass saving compared to the original parts
Tensile tests for mechanical tests (material strength tests)

Materials testing plans

Safran Engineering Service provides:

- Additive manufacturing materials characterization and approval plans

- Laboratory test support

- Assessments and approval of/by laboratory control


Innovation Services Workshop

Topology optimization

Safran Engineering Services proposes 3D printing design services such as “black metal” redesign, new additive manufacturing parts design & topology optimization, bionic or lattice shape proposals for eligible parts, and additive manufacturing solutions for tooling.

Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing product development support

Safran Engineering Services also has an additive manufacturing management offering based on suppliers’ sourcing and monitoring, in line with customers’ purchasing & quality process referential. Safran Engineering Services:

- Defines the need (part or system functional analysis)

- Defines requirements (drafting the specification)

- Consults suppliers (including workshops)

- Rates suppliers according to customer referential

- Manages the supply chain from the basic printed part to the finished part

- Receives parts, controls and accepts them


Compressor stage HP realizes in additive manufacturing

Parts manufacturing

Safran Engineering Services has capability with its own means and manufacturing partners to produce customer components with a large variety of additive manufacturing technologies using metal and polymer materials.

  • Prototypes
  • Test samples
  • Demonstrator
  • Pre serial and serial parts

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