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A350 Lavatory

The A350XWB lavatory is a successful design collaboration between Airbus and Safran. With its oversized wall-to-wall mirror module, the lavatory provides a welcoming open space environment, complemented with RGB mood lighting.

Offers vast features and options such as LED-lit mirror modules, amenity towers, cabinet and drawer modules, and more. 

Equipped with mechanical or touchless features and anti-microbial surfaces, offering a cleaner and better hygienic passenger experience.

Exudes a more spacious, comfortable lavatory environment making it more convenient for passengers to use.

Sink and faucet for A350 lavatories

Touchless Amenities

In the wake of the pandemic, we identified and worked on opportunities to make the passenger journey safer. Our touchless amenities provide hands-free applications that reduces physical contact on lavatory components, making it a cleaner and safer passenger experience. The touchless features can be linefit and retrofit into any existing airline lavatories for a much cleaner environment. Our touchless amenities include:

  • Touchless faucet
  • Touchless waste flap
  • Touchless flush

Sink and faucet for A350 lavatories


UV Disinfecting Light

The UV disinfecting light system emits 265nm LED, the most effective wavelength to achieve disinfection with a 99.9% CFU reduction. The light system can be installed underneath the mirror cabinet, sterilizing the sink and its surrounding areas. It is equipped with an array of sensors to ensure functioning only when the lavatory is unoccupied and shuts off when a passenger enters the lavatory.

Clean Film

In collaboration with our partners, 3M, the clean film offers a unique value proposition. It instantly traps and holds bacteria and viruses, reducing transfer of microbes by more than 99%, and can be removed with just clean water. Additionally, the film is stain, abrasion, and chemical resistant. 

A220 Lavatory

Other Aircraft Platforms with Our Lavatories

The A350 Lavatory is an example of one of our capabilities. Below are a list of other platforms our lavatories are flying in:

  • A220 Program: AFT Complex
  • A320 Program: SpaceFlex v2
  • E1 / E2 Program
  • Irkut MC-21-300 Program
  • Comac (C919) Program

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