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Safran renews support for French-Chinese engineering school SPEIT

Human resources

Paris, December 13, 2019

Shanghai Jiao Tong University - ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (SPEIT) is an engineering school based on a strategic partnership between Shanghai Jiao Tong University and four leading French engineering schools – ENSTA Paris, École Polytechnique, Télécom Paris and MINES ParisTech. The French and Chinese founders of SPEIT have two main objectives: to combine the best aspects of French and Chinese engineering education to train high-potential Chinese and international students, ready to become key industry employees; and to develop collaboration between France and China in research and innovation. Safran, a founding member of SPEIT in 2013, has renewed its support within the scope of the sponsorship provided by the ParisTech Foundation. The signing ceremony for this agreement renewal was held on December 12, 2019 in Paris.

Participants : Stéphane Dubois, Safran - Sabrina Gottlieb, Safran - Gilles Garczynski, Safran - Marc Parrot, Safran - Elisabeth Crépon, ENSTA Paris - Vincent Laflèche, MINES ParisTech - Nicolas Glady, Telecom Paris - Guillaume Ravel, Fondation ParisTech - LIN Zhongqin, President of SJTU - LUO Peng, Director of International Affairs Division, SJTU - LI Shaoyuan, Chinese Dean of SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology, SJTU - Frédéric Toumazet, French Dean of SJTU-ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology, SJTU

Shanghai Jiao Tong University - ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (SPEIT) provides selected Chinese and international students with outstanding training based on the model provided by France’s leading engineering schools:

  • Sound training in general science.
  • An ability to operate in a multicultural business environment.
  • State-of-the-art training in one of the following specialties: Information and communications technologies, mechanical engineering, energy engineering.

Its aim is to train engineers by teaching the skills needed to become future leaders of industry and innovators able to contribute to the development of economic relations between France and China.

Safran’s development in China has been built on exemplary relations established over the last 30 years, especially in the aerospace sector. At the same time, Safran aims to provide significant support for training and education, within the scope of a socially responsible sustainable development policy. As a founding member of Shanghai Jiao Tong University - ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology back in 2013, Safran underscored its commitment to outstanding training for Chinese engineers, while also familiarizing them with France’s scientific and industry culture. A first sponsorship agreement, signed on April 18, 2013 and amended on March 29, 2016, established the support terms and conditions, which continue today with the signature of this latest agreement.

According to Sabrina Gottlieb, Safran Recruitment Policy and Attractiveness Manager, “Since 2013, Safran has been committed, through ParisTech and its Foundation, to the development of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University – ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (SPEIT) engineering school. We are delighted to be able to contribute, by participating in the school’s management bodies, to extending its scope of influence. Our engagement with students, via classes, seminars, plant visits, etc., means that we regularly host them in internships, and perhaps soon we will be able to hire these young graduates.”

Stéphane Dubois, Executive Vice President for Human Resources at Safran, added, “Given all that’s at stake in the Asian region, especially China, we have renewed our support for this program for three more years. This agreement consolidates Safran’s recruitment strategy, which entails seeking out the best potential managers at the top schools and universities in France and around the world.”

Élisabeth Crépon, head of ENSTA Paris, the lead school at SPEIT for the four French partners, said, “The first graduating class from 2019 has made an excellent entry into the workplace, reflecting the quality of this training and how well it matches companies’ expectations. SPEIT is now a benchmark institution in French-Chinese industry-academia collaboration, and more generally for Chinese partnerships with foreign organizations. Safran, a strategic partner to our four French schools, had the foresight to join this ambitious project for a joint Franco-Chinese engineering school right from the outset, and has contributed to its successful development by taking an active role in its scientific and decision-making bodies, and through its active involvement throughout the training process.”

Frédéric Toumazet, Dean of SPEIT, noted that “Shanghai Jiao Tong University - ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (SPEIT) has benefitted from Safran’s support since the beginning, through the ParisTech Foundation. For our faculty, Safran contributes on a daily basis, either directly in its own name, or through its joint endeavors with Chinese companies such as SAIFEI and BSS-Turbotech. SPEIT therefore benefits from these qualified speakers, numerous internship opportunities, advice to students and access to unique facilities. Safran’s status as a founding member means that it has a seat on the SPEIT Board of Directors, while also raising its profile in the student community. School management is especially proud of and grateful for Safran’s continued collaboration.”

Pierre Pringuet, President of the ParisTech Foundation, added, “The two main missions of the ParisTech Foundation are giving our participating companies attractive projects, and uniting the collective actions of our leading engineering schools within the well-defined scope of a recognized foundation. Seven years ago, SPEIT was just a project; today, it’s a degree-granting institution. Safran joined this project very early in the game, to ensure the success of this ambitious French-Chinese endeavor. While the success of SPEIT is of course due to the proven pedagogical principles of French engineering education, the quality of the teachers and the commitment of students, it also owes a lot to the confidence and loyalty of our donors. I would like to sincerely thank Safran for having renewed their support.”


  • July 2011: project launch.
  • September 2012: SPEIT recruits its first students.
  • April 2013: the school is inagurated by French President François Hollande.
  • November 2015: the school is accredited by the Commission française des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI). Graduates of SPEIT will be considered the equivalent of French engineers.
  • March 2019: the first graduating class receives a Chinese degree and the status of French engineers.

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About Shanghai Jiao Tong University - ParisTech Elite Institute of Technology (SPEIT)

SPEIT brings together leading French engineering schools (ENSTA Paris, École Polytechnique, Télécom Paris, MINES ParisTech) with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to offer high-potential Chinese and international students the education needed to become leaders of industry and innovators. They will receive a wide range of scientific knowledge, the ability to operate easily in a multicultural business environment, and in-depth knowledge of a specialty (mechanical engineering, energy and power engineering, computer engineering). SPEIT also aims to support the development of French-Chinese collaboration on research and innovation.

More information: http://speit.sjtu.edu.cn/indexfn.html


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Created in April 2010, the ParisTech Foundation aims to contribute to the development of higher education and research, in France and throughout Europe. A recognized public-interest organization and an umbrella foundation, it was created at the initiative of ParisTech, with support from major industrial corporations. It supports actions designed to increase the attractiveness of French higher education and research institutions for high-level international students, as well as to support a diversity policy, encourage and promote collective and multidisciplinary research, and meet the challenges facing our society.

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