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Safran Aircraft Engines and AFI KLM E&M introduce their new joint venture, Airfoils Advanced Solutions


The two parent companies have begun the construction of a new aircraft engine component repair facility in northern France, which will eventually employ over 200 people.


Paris, Amstelveen, June 12, 2017 – The joint venture between Safran Aircraft Engines and AFI KLM E&M, announced a year ago, now has an official name: Airfoils Advanced Solutions. Located at the Sars-et-Rosières business park in northern France, near Valenciennes, the new company’s plant will be completed in early 2018, with operations due to kick off late 2018. By the time the Airfoils Advanced Solutions plant reaches cruise speed in 2020, it will have from 200 to 250 employees.

Two MRO leaders team up

Airfoils Advanced Solutions will repair high-pressure compressor blades and variable stator vanes, focusing on the CFM International CFM56 engines powering the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, GE’s GE90 engines powering the Boeing 777, and the Engine Alliance GP7200 for the Airbus A380 super-jumbo. The new facility will span nearly 15,000 square meters (162,000 sq ft) and will incorporate state-of-the-art machinery and equipment while implementing hi-tech metallurgical processes. Airfoils Advanced Solutions will also be active in repair solutions development, including cutting-edge repairs for fleets serviced by parent companies Safran Aircraft Engines and AFI KLM E&M.

According to François Planaud, Executive Vice President, Services & MRO, Safran Aircraft Engines, “The founding of this joint venture signals a major step forward in our repair capabilities for the high-pressure sections of engines serviced by Safran Aircraft Engines and AFI KLM E&M. It’s also a tremendous opportunity for Safran Aircraft Engines to strengthen our position as a major supplier of engine MRO services. We are also very proud to see that this strategic business line, requiring highly qualified personnel, will be located in our local communities”.

Airfoils Advanced Solutions is jointly owned by Safran Aircraft Engines (51%) and AIR FRANCE KLM (49%), who will invest over 20 million euros in the new company. This new joint venture will help the two parent companies bolster their competitiveness, and also reflects the major role they play in the global aircraft maintenance market, and in supporting job creation and industry development in their home bases.

Anne Brachet, Executive Vice President of Air France KLM Engineering & Maintenance, added: “This joint venture reflects AFI KLM E&M’s development strategy, which is rooted in innovation and the development of new repair solutions to continuously improve the competitiveness of our engine support services. We will continue to invest in France, the Netherlands and worldwide to better serve all customers in our global MRO network. Airfoils Advanced Solutions is the latest concrete expression of our development goals, and it is an honor to build this joint-venture with a partner like Safran.”

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