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Interjet passes the 100,000-cycle mark with the SaM146 engine


In early May, the Mexican company Interjet celebrated reaching 100,000 engine cycles with the Superjet 100 powered by two PowerJet SaM146 engines.

As PowerJet's first western customer, Interjet started its commercial operations with its SSJ100 aircraft powered by SaM146 engines in September 2013. The Mexican company now boasts 21 aircraft (out of the 30 ordered) and operates up to eight flights a day. "In the sometimes harsh climate in Mexico, the SaM146 engine demonstrates its excellent reliability day in, day out, with a departure reliability rate of 99.9%," highlights Jean-François Gallardo, Director of the SaM146 program at Safran Aircraft Engines who was in Mexico in early May to celebrate Interjet passing the 100,000-cycle mark.

The celebration provided an opportunity for Jean-François Gallardo and his counterpart from NPO Saturn, Mikhail Berdennikov, to hand out an award to José Luis Garza, CEO of Interjet. The company has become the top operator of the SaM146 in terms of cycles, despite Aeroflot still being the fleet leader in terms of flight hours (over 160,000 hours vs. around 120,000 hours for Interjet).


Optimized services contract

The visit to Mexico also enabled PowerJet and Interjet teams to sign an amendment to restructure the by-the-hour services contract which now provides for 30 aircraft instead of 20, in addition to five spare engines as opposed to three. "This amendment is intended to improve the support/services we provide as well as meet the needs of our customer more closely, says Jean-François Gallardo. It gives Interjet much more extensive coverage by extending the by-the-hour contract from nine to twelve years from the moment each engine enters into service."

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