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The hidden side of aircraft seats

May 05, 2022 Business

Buckle up for a new episode of Radar! In the fourth episode, we take you behind the scenes to learn more about a Safran product that you passengers know very well: the seats! How are they designed? What criteria are used? What is special about the market for aircraft seats? How do we meet the requirements and expectations of our multiple clients, from aircraft manufacturers and airlines to passengers? Why is this business important to Safran? Hear from our two experts of the day: Victoria Foy, the EVP of Safran Seats Great Britain and Arthur Glain, the Advanced Concept Manager for Safran Seats in France.


1. Introduction et presentation of Victoria Foy et Arthur Glain

2. Victoria Foy: Safran Seats’ activities in the UK

3. Arthur Glain : missions of the Advanced Concept steam for Safran Seats in France