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Safran Aero Boosters

Partner to major engine-makers
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Safran Aircraft Engines

A world leader in aircraft engines
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More than
JIM infrared binoculars are used by european forces

Safran Ceramics

Specialist in advanced ceramic materials
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Safran Corporate Ventures

Strategic investor in innovative startups active in Safran's business sectors
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Safran Electrical & Power

A world leader in aircraft electrical systems
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Safran Electronics & Defense

A world leader in aerospace and defense solutions
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Safran Helicopter Engines

The world leader in helicopter turbine engines
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Safran Landing Systems

The world leader in aircraft landing and braking systems
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Safran Nacelles

A world leader in aircraft engine nacelles
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a CFM56-powered aircraft takes off every 2 seconds

Safran Transmission Systems

The power transmission specialist
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Zodiac Aerospace

World leader in aerospace equipment and systems
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