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Zodiac Aerospace Services and Sichuan Haite High Tech announce a strategic partnership for repairs in China

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Paris, June 19 , 2017 - Zodiac Aerospace Services is proud to work together with Sichuan Haite High Tech, in an effort to strengthen the aerospace and the MRO industry in China and relocate repair capabilities closer to Chinese operators.
The two companies have signed a long-term agreement to combine their expertise and strengths to
provide Chinese operators with a local repair service for toilets, evacuation slides, technical seats and Electrical Inserts. Until now, this reliability, quality, safety and punctuality was only available through the component manufacturer’s repair shops.
Construction of the repair facility has already begun in Chengdu, where HAITE’s deep understanding of local operators’ needs and lean and efficient organization will be combined with Zodiac Aerospace Services’ technical expertise.
Zodiac Aerospace Services will provide Sichuan Haite High Tech with intensive support, training and a reliable and continuous supply of spare parts to operate under the highest quality standards. This will enable Sichuan Haite High Tech to perform competitive repairs with a very short TAT, following rigorous and sophisticated control procedures approved by Zodiac Aerospace.