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Zodiac Aerospace certifies its new Air Separation Module

3D loom : carbon fiber
Zodiac Aerospace certifies its new Air Separation Module for Boeing 737NG Fuel Tank Inerting System, procurable under PN 807792-01
Plaisir, September 28 2016 – Zodiac Aerospace Services announces the certification of its new Air Separation Module for the Boeing 737 Next Generation Fuel Tank Inerting System, effective since February 22nd, 2016.
The Air Separation Module (ASM) incorporates the latest inerting technology standards such as the hollow fiber membrane, in order to meet the highest aircraft safety requirements. Certified under part manufacturer approval, minor change test and computations, the ASM is fully compatible with existing inerting systems and can be installed line fit.
The certification of the Air Separation Module is a great achievement for Zodiac Fuel and Inerting Systems. Building on its 45 years of fuel systems and inerting experience, the OEM has developed a more robust, reliable alternative to the initial provider at a very competitive price, specifically addressing the complains of many B737NG operators of early failure of their ASM, due to cracking of the tubesheet that allowed air to bypass the fibers. The new Zodiac ASM has been developed with three design improvements on the fiber bundle support system, the fiber winding and the inlet, allowing a more even structural load, pressure and flow distribution.
Christophe Bernardini, CEO of Zodiac Aerospace Services, the dedicated aftermarket and services organization of the Zodiac Aerospace Group, said “we are pleased to dedicate our worldwide network and resources to make the Air Separation Module a successful product among all B737NG operators. Our more than ten year experience in managing Zodiac Aerospace aftermarket is key in delivering flawless quality and service and ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction”.
Worldwide, major Boeing 737NG operators have already expressed their interest in fitting the Zodiac ASM on their inerting systems. The Zodiac Air Separation Module is procurable under PN 807792-01.