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YUE Huafeng met Safran Landing Systems CEO Jean-Paul ALARY and CEA deputy GM FENG Liang

3D loom : carbon fiber


On 28 November, YUE Huafeng, the chairman of the Xi'an Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference and secretary of the Xixian New District Party Work Committee, met with Jean-Paul ALARY, Chief Executive Officer of Safran Landing Systems from France, and Feng Liang, deputy general manager of China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd. In terms of project in-depth cooperation, the discussion meeting conducted.

Mr. ALARY expressed, Xixian New area and Airport New City are in a high speed of development, especially in the aspects of urban construction and industrial development. Safran hopes to integrate into the rapid development of the new area, in the Electric-taxiing for example and other innovative technology projects to strengthen cooperation, contribute new strength for the development of the new area.

Mr. YUE expressed Xi'an and Xixian New area are in the golden period of accelerating development, and they are making full efforts to build "three economies" to promote the development of air-front industry. XIESA project is one of the important projects. With the joint efforts of many parties, it is under smooth progress and it laid a solid foundation for continued deepening of cooperation. We hope that the three parties will continue to strengthen cooperation, increase investment, expand the scope of cooperation, and contribute to the building of an industrial agglomeration area. Xixian New District will, as always, give its full support, further improve industrial matching, intensify the introduction of talents, speed up the construction of the project, and continuously inject new kinetic energy into the great Xi'an’s takeoff.

Next step, China Eastern Airlines will seize the development opportunity brought by the construction of Xi'an Xianyang International Airport Terminal T5, jointly hands with the new area to develop the aviation industry and the air-front economy, expand the field of cooperation, deepen the achievements of the project, and contribute to the construction of Xi'an international aviation hub.



Before the meeting, Jean-Paul-ALARY, Feng Liang, etc. also went to XIESA base for field investigation. Michel FARRUGIA, the general manager of Xi’an CEA Safran Landing Systems Services Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "XIESA"), briefly introduced the overall maintenance process of landing gear in the factory building.


XIESA team moving into new factory



Earlier, all XIESA staff moved from temporary offices to new factories on December 17th, launching the new work life in the new building. All the staff were very pleased with this and took a group photo in front of the office building on the first day. General Manager Michel also mentioned it would be a new start for XIESA, as he looked after the buildings for more than two years, watching the plant growing, Michel said with satisfaction.

On the same day, XIESA also began their first lunch at the new plant.