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Work-integrated learning - a great way to kickstart your career!

Human resources

Ranked among the top five companies in France for combined work-study opportunities in 2019, Safran has been pursuing a dynamic youth employment policy for several years. Work-integrated learning is one of its key components. The next recruitment phase for our September 2019 intake is now underway and it's a major step in building Safran's future-ready workforce.

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Work-integrated learning: an essential part of recruiting strategy

Combining academic and workplace learning experiences, work-study schemes offer a springboard for employment and a powerful lever for youth employment. Every year, Safran takes on more than 2,600 youngsters on combined work-study programs. In 2018, interns, students on work-study programs, PhD graduates, and "international volunteer interns” (a French program called VIE) accounted for 50% of all positions filled by recent graduates. In other words, we aim to recruit fresh talent in the early stages of their careers.

Which roles are involved?

Safran recruits young people on combined work-study programs at every level, from basic vocational training to specialized master's degrees, and across all job families — R&D, production, programs and customer relations, performance and support.

Mentoring support

All young people who join us are assigned a mentor, or work 'buddy', who offers support throughout their placement. In turn, mentors get the backing of a comprehensive program to prepare them for this key role — and provide due recognition. As well as only assigning this role to employees who volunteer, Safran is committed to providing the necessary training, making this role part of their function, including it in career development, and of course freeing up the time needed to fulfill this role.


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