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Webinar hosted by Women@Safran North America provides tips and tools for adjusting to the “new normal”

Corporate social responsibility

May 20, 2020

A recent “Tools for Turbulence” webinar hosted by Women@Safran offered useful strategies and tools to empower attendees during these uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Presentations by Fiona McKay-Ready and Katie Duke of "Ready to Fly Coaching" focused on the challenges of being home during the coronavirus pandemic's confinement, and covered such topics as coping with feelings of isolation, adapting new routines, caring for children, managing from a virtual office, and finding a sense of balance in the current circumstances. 

More than 130 women attended the seminars, which were designed to create an environment of connection and openness. Interactive activities were included so that participants could share their feelings as they adjust to the "new normal." Managing the mindset, virtual working parents, and amplifying one's voice in a virtual world were topics included on the agenda. 

Acknowledging the high levels of stress that many are experiencing, a three-part breathing exercise designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system was demonstrated, and the importance of managing the mindset and recognizing negative emotions was underscored. 

The COVID-19 pandemic: "We’re going through this crisis together"

When asked about the most helpful insight gained from the webinar, Angela Sowell, Director of Benefits & Wellness at Safran USA, said: “We are all going through this crisis together and we are adjusting to a new normal. While my child is grown, others who have young children are really trying to work, be a parent, and a teacher to their children all at the same time. It gave me a better understanding of what they are going through so I can assist and be flexible in their needs.” 

The webinar was judged to be a success, providing participants with the insight and knowledge to acclimate to the new environment. Aany Sustarsic, Planning Manager at Safran Cabin in Huntington Beach, California, who also champions the local chapter of Women@Safran at her site, said: “I really liked the breathing exercise – it’s such a simple thing to incorporate into the daily routine so that intentions are set for the day.” ​ 

Women@Safran is one of the actions at Safran that support career development opportunities, equality and life management skills for the company’s female employees.