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In Vitrolles, Mathieu Cenci is rewarded for his work on helicopters


He has just joined the permanent staff of Safran Engineering Services Vitrolles and, as a member of a cross-functional team, won an award at Airbus Helicopters: 2022 is definitely a year that has started well for Mathieu Cenci. We caught up with him to find out more.

Mathieu Cenci Airbus Helicopters

After obtaining a degree in aeronautical engineering from ISAE ENSMA in Poitiers, Mathieu Cenci joined the Airbus Helicopters site to carry out an assignment for Safran Engineering Services. His first job? Be part of the helicopter manufacturer's engine integration design engineering office and provide expertise on the design and support side.

Over the past three years, he has moved on and now has a rather special role: “It's a job I wasn't taught in school, but it's a very interesting and instructive one”, he says. Mathieu is part of a team that manages major incidents for Airbus Helicopters. “When an incident occurs on an aircraft, in the vast majority of cases in service, the customer informs the manufacturer. Our team is involved in the analysis and has the task of finding the causes of the incident and putting measures in place to prevent it from happening again.” As a representative of the design engineering office within this cross-functional team made up of representatives from airworthiness, customer support, quality and project management, Mathieu Cenci provides technical expertise and recommendations on the design of the aircraft.

This team has just won an "Aviation Safety Quality Award" from Airbus Helicopters. This award is given in recognition of the exemplary handling of an incident involving an aircraft used by the coastguard. “It took us a year and a half to investigate the incident, propose protective and corrective measures and rebuild trust with this key Airbus Helicopters customer,” explains Mathieu. It is not every day that such an award is given to a design engineering office activity and a team that includes a subcontractor: “This proves that we are all very invested in our task and that Safran Engineering Services is committed to providing the best possible support to its customers,” continues Mathieu Cenci.

The engineer has just joined the company permanently. He will remain in his position and will be responsible for developing his center of expertise in Vitrolles. What does he like best about his job? “We work on very different subjects and we have a real knowledge of how the machine works in operation. Knowing how customers use the aircraft also allows us to improve its design to ensure their safety. The impact of corrective measures and the machine vision is more tangible than in more traditional design engineering office work. It's exciting.