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A visa for the Paris Air Show!


Safran has been committed to supporting students on “Passport to a Master's” scholarships, in partnership with the Sorbonne University Foundation, since 2014. It welcomed students on that program at the 2019 Paris Air Show, one of the world’s leading aerospace industry gatherings, where they had productive conversations with Group employees.

3D loom : carbon fiber

An overview of the Show

During an exclusive tour of the Safran stand on Thursday, June 20th, the 18 students from Sorbonne University on "Passport to a Master's" scholarships learned more about the Group's businesses and technologies, and about jobs in the aerospace sector, from their Safran tutors and staff.

Here’s some of their on-the-fly feedback: “It was a fantastic visit; it gave us a great overview of everything Safran does”, “We knew about the engines, but the sheer size of the nacelles and landing gears is impressive!”, “I loved seeing the seats and cabins of the future!”, “It wasn’t long enough; there’s so much to see.”

The students then headed to Safran’s hospitality chalet, where they met several Safran executives who encouraged them to aim high and make the most of the opportunities they can find with their tutors, Safran employees and Sorbonne University alumni.

Safran is actively involved in the Sorbonne University Foundation

Equal opportunity is a central tenet of Sorbonne University's educational policy, and that was what prompted it to create the “Passport to a Master's” scholarship program in 2014. The scholarship enables academically talented learners to study at Sorbonne University free of financial pressure. Students are selected by a panel on the basis of merit and social criteria. Safran scholarships enable deserving students to complete a five-year program (to Master's level) and include one-on-one tutoring by a Safran employee.

Free of the financial burdens, the students can focus full-time on their studies at one of the world's leading scientific universities, and consider their options and fine-tune their career plans with their tutors.