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Victory for the Safran-supported team at the 2022 Rocketry Challenge!

Corporate social responsibility

The 13th annual Rocketry Challenge was held in Biscarosse in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine department of France on May 21st and 22nd. Sponsored by the Safran Aerospace Museum and guided by three Group employees, Dream Tsuki, a team from Jeanne d’Arc Middle School in Melun, France won the national final. The next step is the international final at the Farnborough International Airshow on July 21st and 22nd!

Les 4 jeunes collégiennes de l'équipe "Dream Tsuki" du Rocketry Challenge 2022

The Rocketry Challenge is an international competition organized by Planète Sciences and the GIFAS*. It is open to teams of middle and high school students. Their task is to build a rocket and launch it so that it reaches a specific height during a flight that lasts a specified amount of time with a fragile passenger on board: an egg! The egg must survive the trip unbroken.

The two-day 2022 French national competition was held in Biscarosse (in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine department) on May 21st and 22nd:


The first day, all the teams did an initial rocket launch with the goal of reaching a minimum altitude of 835 feet (255 meters) for a flight time between 41 and 43 seconds. The first five teams to qualify must repeat the exercise with a different altitude and flight time and then give a presentation on the technical and human contributions to this challenge.”
Frédéric Raymond, a mechanical calculation technician at Safran Aircraft Engines who assisted the Melun middle school team.

A third consecutive victory for the Safran team!

Décollage d'une fusée au Rocketry Challenge 2022

Four teams from Jeanne d’Arc Middle School in Melun participated in the national competition. For several years now, the middle school has been sponsored by the Safran Museum. This is the third consecutive year that a team from the middle school has won the national competition!

The winning team Dream Tsuki succeeded in launching their rocket to an altitude of nearly 866 feet (264 meters), and the eggs on board landed safely and soundly!

The four middle schoolers on the team were accompanied throughout the competition by three Safran Aircraft Engines employees: Frédéric Raymond, a mechanical calculation technician; Thierry Roibier, a test facilities manager; and Stéphanie Fournel, a systems engineer.

Off to the Farnborough International Airshow!

The four middle schoolers will represent France at the international Rocketry Challenge that will be held at the Farnborough International Airshow on July 21st and 22nd. We wish them good luck and a great flight!

*Groupement des Industries françaises aéronautiques et spatiales (the French Aerospace Industries Association)