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Update regarding the Zodiac Advanced Composites and Engineered Materials facility in Newport, WA, USA

3D loom : carbon fiber
January 13, 2016 – After the accident that occurred in July at our Newport facility, which resulted in injuries to several Zodiac Aerospace employees, an investigation was led by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industry. Zodiac Advanced Composites and Engineered Materials cooperated fully with the investigation. A conference was held in late December between Labor and Industry and the Newport management team to review the investigation findings. A report containing Labor and Industry’s regulatory citations was received on January 6th by Zodiac Advanced Composites and Engineered Materials. Each citation mentioned in the Labor and Industry report is being reviewed with attention and will be shared across all of our sites.
While this investigation was underway, Zodiac Aerospace has undertaken various measures.
Zodiac Aerospace Group continues to review its operations on an ongoing basis to identify potential workplace hazards and implement precautions to enhance safety.
Zodiac Advanced Composites and Engineered Materials, as every company of the Zodiac Aerospace Group, remains committed to ensuring a workplace free of recognized hazards consistent with our Corporate Health, Safety and Environmental Policy.