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Transformation in motion at Safran Corporate IT

Human resources

Streamlining the application landscape, improving user satisfaction and making the transition from a tool-based to a service-oriented rationale are just some of the challenges Safran’s Corporate IT department is addressing to better serve the Group’s business needs.

IT Employee

Mohamed is in charge of transforming operations at Safran Corporate IT, a task that involves improving and scaling information systems to make them more agile, effective and accessible, and to boost their performance. “Corporate IT provides Group companies with shared solutions that support key functions like data backup and storage, messaging and business applications,” he explains. “But technologies evolve and Safran itself is changing as new companies come aboard. To avert obsolescence and stovepipes, we need to regularly review what’s in production and decide what to discontinue, renew or transform.”


One of Mohamed’s first projects was to provide a cloud service for users to set up an environment tailored to their business software (design, simulation, etc.) on their own. “Previously, it was taking six weeks to get the environment right, after numerous back-and-forth email and phone calls with IT teams,” he recalls. “Now, the whole process takes no more than an hour and everything is automated and off the shelf.” The next step was to extend this transformation to data.


This is the purpose of the Data Broker project, where Mohamed is chiefly responsible for data storage. “The goal is that each business function is able to access the data they need from a web portal, wherever the data is stored and whenever it was generated, so that it can be analyzed and used with reporting tools. Applications are being streamlined and obsolescence managed across the organization, be it at Safran Tech, Safran Electronics & efenseD or Safran Aircraft Engines, for example,” he explains.


Mohamed is passionate about his job and regrets that young graduates are not always aware of the opportunities a large organization like Safran can offer them in IT. “We have no reason to envy the GAFA giants, and we use the latest technologies. Our solutions deliver agility and are helping the Group reach its growth targets. These are very motivating challenges!” he says. A seasoned runner, Mohamed can’t resist a sporting analogy: “Before a race, you set yourself a training program. On race day, you need to be in top condition while also taking care to pace yourself for the finish. That’s exactly how I see my job. And when you’re out running, a lot is down to mental strength. Working in a company is no different: you have to stay motivated, both personally and when getting project stakeholders to buy into a shared goal.”

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