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Lisa RIMOLI Témoignage Alternance Lisa RIMOLI Témoignage Alternance

Testimonial: “My work-study experience at Safran Aircraft Engines was a decisive factor in the next stage of my career"

Human resources
With strong growth across all our business lines, and as we step up to the industry challenges ahead, our IAPV program — interns, apprentices, PhD students and VIE international volunteers in business — is a highly effective lever for identifying talent and strengthening the Safran Aircraft Engines teams. Delivering training and integrating young people into the workforce is a pillar of our Top Employer policy and one of the corporate citizenship commitments of our CSR policy.

Lisa Rimoli is a change management officer in our Production department. She discovered Safran Aircraft Engines through a work-study contract. Today, as we launch our new work-study recruitment campaign, she talks about her journey so far with Safran.

When did you discover Safran Aircraft Engines? And what was your role on your work-study placement?

I arrived at Safran Aircraft Engines in 2019 as part of my degree course in e-commerce and digital marketing. I was an apprentice working in communications with the Production department at the Évry-Corbeil site. Then, during my master’s degree, which also included an industry placement, I joined the IT department as an assistant in communications and change management. I’ve got great memories of those two experiences. And I’d like to thank my supervisors, who always took the time to give me the keys I needed to do my job effectively.

How did those apprenticeships turn into a permanent contract?

I completed my master’s in the summer of 2022. During the vacation, my supervisor called. She said there was a job vacancy for a change management officer and could she submit my resume. So, of course, I said Yes! I interviewed, got accepted and took up my new full-time post in October.

How has your work-study experience helped you in your role?

Having previous work experience with Safran Aircraft Engines made it easier for me to fit in. It also meant I could work unsupervised more quickly. That experience in the various departments also gave me a certain degree of maturity in the job. As a result, I’m more confident today and can proactively contribute ideas and suggestions.

Looking back, how would you rate Safran’s apprenticeship program?

It’s an extremely rewarding experience. Classroom theory combined with the practical knowledge and experience you gain at the company inform and feed into each other. On a professional and personal level, I’d recommend it to every student!

The key figures of work-study training at Safran Aircraft Engines :

In 2022, we hired 42% of IAPVs on permanent contracts.

In 2023, our target is 360+ candidates, on top of the 740 or so apprentices already with us.

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