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Tarmac Aerosave, the European leader in aircraft dismantling services


Safran is one of the founding shareholders in Tarmac Aerosave, a specialist in aircraft storage and dismantling services, which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. In these few short years, Tarmac has already become the European leader in its sector.

Founded in 2007, Tarmac Aerosave is based in Tarbes, southwest France. Today, it has become the European benchmark in the storage and dismantling of both military and commercial aircraft from leading manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Bombardier and Embraer. Safran is one of the three main shareholders, alongside Airbus and Suez. Safran has been involved since the outset, reflecting its focus on corporate social responsibility (CSR). In addition to providing space to park aircraft not being used (500 capacity) and store various parts and subassemblies (50,000 for the moment), Tarmac Aerosave offers the largest capacity for dismantling aircraft at end-of-life in Europe, at two different facilities, in Tarbes and in Teruel, Spain. 

“We have dismantled and recycled 125 aircraft to date, and we are capable of recycling more than 90 percent of each aircraft, by weight,” explains CEO Philippe Fournadet. 


Complementary maintenance operations

Over the last decade Tarmac Aerosave has also developed its maintenance capabilities, to carve out a position as an MRO provider for both aircraft and engines. For example, the company has set up a workshop to dismantle and service CFM56 engines, with the help of Safran.  François Planaud, Vice President, Services & MRO at Safran Aircraft Engines, explains: “Since our engine MRO activities complement those of Tarmac Aerosave, we helped the company create a flexible engine maintenance shop, allowing them to carry out minor servicing jobs on CFM56 engines. Their workshop was certified to Part 145 in January 2017, proving the quality of their services and also underscoring the expertise developed by Tarmac Aerosave with our support.”

About Tarmac Aerosave

Tarmac now has more than 200 employees and over 15,000 square meters of storage space. It has a 12% share of the global market for stored aircraft. In addition to a planned expansion of its original site in Tarbes, Tarmac will shortly open a new facility at Toulouse Francazal airport.



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