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SWIM: Safran Engineering Services is developing a project management service with India


When Safran Engineering Services opened its site in India in 2001 (a site that now has 700 employees), it began to cultivate real software project management expertise with India. By rolling out its new SWIM* offer, the company is bringing its expertise and high added value in this sector to new clients.

Recognized expertise

"Between 2012 and 2014, we quadrupled the volume of jobs that were completed in India through a Front Office in France," explains Laure Saint-Pasteur, Head of the Electronics and Software Department. To make the most of this situation, the company created a dedicated range of services: SWIM. Clients who hope to develop projects in India now have access to services that are tailored to their needs. Safran Engineering Services takes on comprehensive work packages, manages them from France, and completes them in India thanks to the software experts at its Bangalore-based subsidiary. It makes members of the SWIM team available to clients: project managers, quality engineers, and business line experts who are familiar with project management practices in India. Safran Engineering Services supports and trains its clients' teams to handle the specific problems of project management. A SWIM team is made up of a Project Manager, a quality engineer, and a technical advisor, all of whom have significant experience and are ready to work in India at any moment, depending on the clients' needs. 

Overcoming unique problems

"One of the most important unique problems with this kind of project is achieving proper cultural management through knowledge and understanding of the respective operating modes and cultural codes of both French and Indian people," explains Laure Saint-Pasteur. It is also necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the unique problems and methods of project management: managing distance, making sure that the scope and process expectations have been understood in order to reduce risks and understanding gaps as much as possible.

Competitive and complementary "Front Office" and "Back Office" modes

SWIM team project managers, quality engineers, and technical advisors work in the Front Office, in direct contact with the end client, and the Indian teams are the ones who complete the projects in the Back Office. This Front Office/Back Office method of operating allows the team to guarantee clients the best operational performance while remaining highly competitive. "Support from the Front Office helps us to clearly understand the client's needs, as well as the unique problems and complexity of the project. Especially during the first few stages of the project, when discussions and changes need to be fast and smooth, this support is essential," explains Bivash Karjee, Head of Avionics and On-Board Systems at Safran Engineering Services in India.

Sharing best practices to boost productivity

Project team members share what they've learned from their experiences at monthly meetings. The goal is to make the most from what they've learned, in order to constantly be improving the performance and competitiveness that is delivered to clients.

* SoftWare Indian project Management


Workshops to introduce services to clients

Participate in a technical workshop at the Safran Engineering Services offices! The company is inviting its clients to collaborative workshops. The goal is to discuss shared problems and to introduce the range of SWIM services.


You are interrested in our offer ? Please contact the SWIM team : [email protected]