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Supplier of the Year 2020: Safran fully supports COMAC for its in-time delivery

3D loom : carbon fiber

Safran won the Supplier of the Year 2020 for Just-in-Time Excellence at the COMAC Supplier Conference 2021. The award reflects the Chinese commercial aircraft manufacturer’s recognition of Safran’s program teams.

About 300 Chinese and international suppliers participated in the 500-people conference which took place in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, on April 13th 2021. As COMAC’s long-term and important partner of mutual trust, representatives of Safran and its subsidiaries including Safran Electronics & Defense, Safran Cabin, Safran Seats, Safran Aerosystems and Safran Nacelles attended the event.

Safran Electronics & Defense Avionics USA LLC won the Supplier of the Year 2020 for Just-in-Time Excellence for its work package of Control Panel Assembly (CPA) and Dimming Control Panel (DCP) systems provided to the ARJ21 regional aircraft. As a representative, Olivier Dubroeucq, Safran Vice-President for COMAC Program, was on stage to receive the award. In the complicated and difficult year of 2020, this honor has not come easily. It represents COMAC’s affirmation and recognition of the series of measures implemented by Safran Electronics & Defense in 2020, and the collaboration between the various teams for the work package. The high degree of coordination and shared goals from Safran’s management, supply chains, production, quality, logistics and on-site support teams is the implementation of Safran’s commitment to fully supporting the customer’s delivery.

Safran will continue to fulfill its commitment to COMAC and keep contributing to the development of Chinese aviation programs by strengthening domestic cooperation, adapting and being integrated to the dual-cycle economy.