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Successful maiden flight for Ariane 6 with Safran on board!


Ariane 6 completed its first flight on July 9, launching from the Guiana space center. A huge success for the European space sector, but also for Safran, as it supplies multiple systems and critical equipment to the launcher. A review of the Group’s contribution to this all-new version of the Ariane rocket.

Ariane 6 first Flight

A new generation of space launchers

Ariane 6 is a European Space Agency (ESA) program to build a family of launch vehicles capable of placing any kind of payload on an optimized orbit, whatever the mission, be it low Earth orbit (LEO), geostationary (GTO) or sun-synchronous (SSO). With a large storage capacity, Ariane 6 can perform conventional, single or double launches, or complex missions reflecting new market needs, such as the orbit insertion of electric-propulsion satellites or satellite system launches, thanks to its upper stage equipped with the Vinci® re-ignitable engine.

Critical equipment delivered by Safran

The lead contractor of the Ariane 6 program is ArianeGroup, a joint venture between Safran and Airbus. Safran also delivers multiple equipment items for the program:

  • Valves for the first stage and the Vulcain engine (Safran Aero Boosters)
  • Valves for the second stage and the Vinci engine (Safran Aero Boosters)
  • Electrical harnesses for the Vulcain engine and for systems on board the launcher (Safran Electrical & Power)
  • Inertial guidance system (Safran Electronics & Defense)
  • On-board telemetry equipment and launcher telemetry ground receiver system (Safran Data Systems)
  • Radar transponders to control the launcher trajectory (Safran Data Systems)
  • Remote neutralization system in case of dangerous trajectory deviation (Safran Data Systems)
  • Filters for liquids and gases (to protect hydraulic and propulsion systems on board the launcher (Safran Filtration Systems)
Ariane 6 infographics
Ariane 6 infographics


Safran contribution to Ariane 6

Download Infographics (PDF, 1.14MB)

"Safran on board": see our programs

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