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A successful completion of Safran Nacelles’ spoiler production for Gulfstream G450 business jets


October 20, 2016

A long-running aerostructures production program has been completed at Safran Nacelles’ Burnley, England facility, where the final set of wing spoiler components was delivered for Gulfstream’s G450 business jet.

Wrapping up a successful manufacturing effort that spanned 16 years, the ultimate set of six spoilers were supplied this month – capping a total run of 2,712 production spoilers (the equivalent of equipping 452 aircraft) along with 475 spares.

The twin-engine G450 business jet is fitted with three rectangular-shaped spoiler panels on the upper surface of each wing, which pivot upward into the airflow. When deployed by hydraulically-powered actuators, these speed brakes perform three functions: they decrease lift to slow the aircraft and/or increase the rate of descent; help slow the landing rollout speed after touchdown; and increase the aircraft’s roll when used in conjunction with the aileron control surfaces.

During the spoilers’ production run at Burnley, Safran Nacelles established an excellent working relationship with Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, and was recognized by the aircraft manufacturer with numerous supplier-of-the-year awards for its performance.