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The story of FADEC [2/3] - FADEC4: a "brain" for more environmentally-friendly engines


Safran Electronics & Defense makes brains for engines! For 40 years, our company has been designing, developing, and producing FADEC or Full Authority Digital Engine Control systems. These "brains" enable engines to constantly monitor and adjust engine performance during flight. Discover the rest of the FADEC family story!

Pulse line dedicated to final assembly of LEAP engines

2012 marks the birth of the FADEC Alliance joint venture, a collaboration between FADEC International and GE Aerospace to launch the development of the 4th generation FADEC, or FADEC4.

New products in the FADEC family

The aim of this new collaboration is simple: to ensure that FADEC4 powers the more environmentally-friendly LEAP engines used on the Airbus A320 NEO, Boeing B737 MAX, Comac C919, and Bombardier Global 7000, 7500, and 8000.

Based on this experience, FADEC Alliance is also developing the FADEC GE9X, which will be used on the Boeing B777X.

Carbon fiber weaving loom in 3D
The 3D-woven composite technology designed and developed by Safran enables us to make stronger and lighter parts. This is a major innovation, and plays a key role in improving the performance of the new LEAP commercial airplane engine, which consumes 15% less fuel than its predecessor.

A computer that contributes to the decarbonization and performance of aviation

The FADEC4 contributes to engine performance, reducing fuel consumption by 15%.

The FADEC family also covers a wide thrust range, from 30,000 lb for single-aisle aircraft, with CFM56, LEAP, and the future RISE (Revolutionary Innovation for Sustainable Engines), to 115,000 lb for the Boeing family.

Capacity requirements are increasingly demanding. The next-generation RISE engine will require five times more capacity (computing power) than the FADEC4 family.


🔎 Since 2016, Safran Electronics & Defense has delivered more than 12,000 FADEC4 LRUs. This is the fastest engine ECU production ramp-up in our history! We are now facing a second production ramp-up after the COVID crisis. Congratulations to the teams for their hard work!