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SOFINS 2023: Discover NAVKITE, the new product from Safran Electronics & Defense, combining an inertial navigation system and a time server


Let's go to the Souge camp near Bordeaux, where the 6th edition of the SOFINS exhibit takes place from March 28 to 30, 2023. For three days, this military camp is transformed into a place where industrials and Special Forces can meet and exchange ideas. It was the perfect opportunity for Safran Electronics & Defense to present its new product, NAVKITE, an integrated navigation and resilient timing solution combining a GEONYXTM-M and a VersaSync.

Ecume equipped with a Vigy Observer and a NAVKITE

Ensuring the resilience and performance of navigation

This new product is a complete, automated system based on coupling the GeonyxTM-M navigation system with the VersaSync time and frequency server, which analyzes GNSS*/GPS signals and verifies their integrity.

NAVKITE was developed to meet the need of the Marine Commandos: faced with problems of GNSS*/GPS signal disruption at sea due to unavailability, jamming, or spoofing, they turned to Safran Electronics & Defense for a new compact navigation system to integrate into their ECUME NG intervention craft.

NAVKITE is integrated into a compact, waterproof case and also fits the ECUME's aero rails without the need for any special tools. It can be easily dismantled, transported, and projected on missions. It is equipped with an additional battery kit to compensate for any micro outages in the onboard network. All its data are centralized thanks to a dedicated, intuitive man-machine interface that enables it to be controlled.

Picture of an ECUME equipped with a Vigy Observer from Safran Electronics & Defense and a NAVKITE

This new solution ensures the resilience and performance of navigation and guarantees mission continuity at sea or on land in extreme conditions.

A disruptive product in resilient PNT


NAVKITE is a real breakthrough in the field of resilient PNT for two reasons:

  • Using a proven technology whose effectiveness is no longer to be demonstrated: inertial navigation. Inertial sensors and navigation systems, in this case the HRG CrystalTM gyroscope integrated into the GeonyxTM-M, are the core expertise of Safran Electronics & Defense;
  • Integrating recently acquired skills into this mastered technology: atomic clocks and time servers. They provide infallible precision time synchronization.

NAVKITE will strengthen the product offering, guaranteeing our customer's technological superiority, autonomy, and sovereignty. An additional way, for Safran Electronics & Defense, to further assert its position as a world leader in resilient PNT!


*GNSS: global navigation satellite systems or positioning by satellites (GPS, Galileo, etc.).