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Secure Payment Solutions for the US Market


Safran Identity & Security and Perfect Plastic Printing cooperate

Safran Identity & Security and Perfect Plastic Printing (PPP), a world leader in plastic card manufacturing, have been putting their expertise together since 2002 to offer advanced payment solutions for North American financial institutions. “Safran and PPP make a perfect match to support the ongoing EMV migration movement in the US with an extensive portfolio of innovative products and services such as contact and contactless cards, high-end printing capability and personalization. We are pleased to complement this advanced card offering with mobile payment services as well as global leading biometric solutions for secure and digital customer enrollment, authentication and identification”, says Arnaud Jullien, who leads this activity in North America on behalf of Safran Identity & Security.

Safran brings extensive experience in the EMV payment area, having already supported EMV migration strategies of major financial institutions worldwide and continuously increasing its technical and production capabilities, especially in the US. For decades, Safran has been helping stakeholders in the financial sector overcome the security and trust challenges in an extremely dynamic market. Today, we provide more than 30 active card products and cover 13 payment brands.

Perfect Plastic Printing, located in St. Charles, Illinois, is an industry leader in card manufacturing with more than 50 years of experience, based on a highly experienced management team, advanced printing technologies and superior customer service. PPP designs, prints and manufactures the card bodies, while Safran develops and provides the EMV chip, embedding services, as well as additional providing technology services and support. The partnership is demonstrated by Safran employees being actively involved in the production process at PPP’s manufacturing plant.

"Through the cooperation with Safran Identity & Security we are strategically positioned in a perfect way to guide our US payment customers during the conversion phase and support the US market within the migration process move to EMV and beyond." says Christopher Smoczynski, President of Perfect Plastic Printing.

The booming US FinTech industry is rapidly expanding its use of technologies offered by Safran to support payment and banking solutions, enabling end-users to keep their personal information private and to perform secure transactions in a frictionless and convenient way.

Throughout 2016 Safran and PPP will demonstrate their solution and services portfolio at upcoming industry events including the America’s Credit Union Conference, Paythink and Money 20/20.